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Band Handbook

Del Oro Golden Eagle Band Mission Statement

We, the Del Oro Golden Eagle Band, as a unit are committed to maintaining a welcoming student driven organization and an uncompromising work ethic, while exceeding expectations through innovation. We pride ourselves in our enthusiasm, professionalism, and respect for ourselves, our school, and our community, while upholding and building upon our legacy.


PART 1: General Information

Outline of courses and Requirements


Fall Term Classes: Marching Band and Band Theory

Prerequisite: Participation in summer rehearsals and Band Camp(s). Students may be excused from summer rehearsals on a case by case basis and with permission from the director. Family vacations are an acceptable excuse but should not be scheduled during the one-week band camp or the mini-camp (typically held two weeks prior to school starting).

Class Schedule: Marching Band is a 15 credit class that meets for zero period and first block. Zero period begins at 7am. The class also rehearses on Tuesday Nights from 6 to 9pm and has many performances that occur outside of regular class hours such as football games, community parades, and band competitions. There will also be summer rehearsals prior to the school year including a one-week band camp held at Del Oro High. Percussion and color guard students will typically have an additional evening rehearsal per week.

New Students: The class is available to all students regardless of prior experience with music. Placement within the band is determined by skill level and experience. Students with no musical experience may join the Color Guard (Flag Spinning, Dancing, etc.). The inexperienced student may attempt to learn how to play an instrument. In such cases, the Band Director will determine the musical aptitude of the student and offer an instrument choice that is at an appropriate level of difficulty.

Freshman Students: Freshman students in Marching Band will take the Band Theory class. This is a half-block (period) class that is taken in place of Cardio class. Students take the Health component of the Cardio-Health class, and then take Band Theory instead of Cardio. Cardio constitutes 5 credits of each students’ P.E. requirement but this requirement will be waived for Band Theory students if they maintain a full schedule throughout their high school career. The primary disqualifier for this P.E. waiver is if a student takes an “unscheduled” block at any point. Band Theory is a class that teaches basic principles of music as well as performance skill building.

Spring Term: Concert Band, Jazz Band, Percussion, and Winter Guard.


Jazz Band: Jazz band is held during 1st Block. The following instruments are used for Jazz Band: Saxophones (Alto, Tenor, and Baritone), Trombones (Tenor and Bass), Trumpets, Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar (and/or string bass), Drum set and other percussion. There will be several required performances scheduled outside of regular school hours.

Prerequisite: Students must have a minimum of 6 months of prior musical experience to join the Jazz Band.

Co-requisite: Students in Jazz Band must also be enrolled in Concert Band unless given special permission from the Band Director.


Percussion: Percussion class is held outside of regular school hours. It is a 5 credit class. Class meeting hours may vary from year to year but are typically held 2 nights per week from 6 to 9pm. Typical days are Mondays and Thursdays. There will also be several rehearsals held on non-school days (except Sundays). Percussion class will have several off-campus performances held outside of school hours or on non-school days. The Percussion “Season” runs primarily from December through March. Once the season is complete, rehearsal hours and performances will be cut drastically.

Prerequisite: Students must participate in the Try-Out process for Percussion class. This typically occurs during the end of November and the first 2 weeks of December. There may also be 1 or 2 Try-Out rehearsals before school starts in January. No Previous musical experience required.

Co-Requisite: Students enrolled in Percussion will also be enrolled in Concert band but may have a modified curriculum if given permission from the director. See more information on the modified curriculum under the Concert band description.


Winter Guard: Winter Guard class is held outside of regular school hours. It is a 5 credit class. Class meeting hours may vary from year to year but are typically held 2 nights per week from 6 to 9pm (typically Tuesday and Wednesday) and one to three mornings per week depending on the skill level of the students. There will also be several rehearsals held on non-school days (except Sundays). Winter Guard class will have several off-campus performances held outside of school hours or on non-school days. The Winter Guard “Season” runs primarily from December through March. Once the season is complete, evening rehearsals will be canceled and students will have the option of participating in Concert Band if they play an instrument and/or preparing for the Guard Stage Show performance. Students in Winter Guard who are instrumentalists should sign up for the Concert Band class. In such cases, the band director will determine which rehearsal the student will attend when the two class schedules conflict. 

Prerequisite: Students must participate in the Try-Out process for Winter Guard class. This typically occurs during the end of November and the first 2 weeks of December. There may also be 1 or 2 Try-Out rehearsals before school starts in January. No Previous musical/Guard experience required.


Concert Band: This class is held during zero period every day in Spring. There will be several required performances outside of regular school hours including concerts and pep-band performances. Students in this class will prepare concert band material AND pep-band material (used for athletic events and other functions).

Prerequisite: Students must have a minimum of 6 months of prior musical experience to join the Concert Band unless given special permission from the director.

Modified Curriculum: Students taking Percussion class may be allowed to take a modified curriculum for Concert Band. Students taking the modified curriculum will be required to attend one to two zero period rehearsals per week on average for Concert Band during the percussion season (Jan. through March). Modified curriculum students will still participate in pep performances with the band but will spend little time on concert music during this time period. Once the Percussion season is over, the Modified Curriculum students will fully participate in the Concert Band or make special arrangements with the director to prepare percussion ensemble performances.


Pep Band: Pep band is not a class that students sign up for. Students involved in Jazz Band, Concert band, and Winter Percussion will be required to participate in the Spring pep band events. Mostly this will cover basketball games but occasionally, the pep band will play at other events as well.



Band – All students enrolled in the class.

Winds – All students who play a wind instrument. This Includes Woodwinds and Brass.

Pit – Percussionists who play stationary instruments. Pit members generally do not march during field show performances. Also known as “Front Ensemble”.

Battery – Percussionists who march and play during the field show.

Color Guard - These members use dance and movement along with flags, rifles, sabers, and other equipment to enhance the visual element of the field show.

Student Leadership - Band leadership members have earned additional responsibilities and authority. Band leaders include the Band Council and the Section Leaders. There are also various band managers who will take a position of authority in certain circumstances.

DOBS – “Del Oro Band Supporters”, all parents and supporters.

Friends of DO – Parents who present their driver’s license and proof of insurance to Del Oro’s administrative office to receive a “Friends of DO” card and qualify to drive students in their personal vehicle. Please check with the Del Oro High School office for requirements of liability insurance.  Drivers will be needed so please consider becoming a “Friend of D.O.”


Marching Season - July through November.  The marching season begins with summer rehearsals in July and typically ends on the last Saturday before Thanksgiving.  Dates and times will be noted on the schedule but please understand that changes to the schedule/calendar are to be expected.

Leadership Camp – The first camp of the marching season will typically be the Leadership Camp. This camp is used to prepare the leadership members for the marching season and will take place before the Freshman and New Member Camp. Leadership members include the Band Council and Section Leaders and sometimes squad leaders.

New Member Band CampThis is a beginner’s Camp for all new members. It will take place before the full band camp. Also in attendance are section leaders and drum major. This camp will usually take place three weeks before school begins.

Band CampA week of day-camp (students sleep at home) consisting of learning, refreshing and bonding for all band members. Band Camp will be held on the Del Oro campus and will usually take place two weeks before school begins. Attending Band Camp is required.

Weeknight Rehearsals – The marching band will be rehearsing on Tuesday evenings at Del Oro from 6 to 9pm starting in July and continuing through the end of the marching season. Additional rehearsals for guard/percussion will also occur on weeknights when school starts.

All Day Saturday Practice(s) – Mandatory full-day practices during the school year at DOHS in preparation for the fall marching field shows and again in the spring for Winter Percussion/Winterguard. Student should bring lunch, sunscreen, water, hat, and sunglasses.

Home Football Games - The Band plays at all home football games in full uniform.  Students need to arrive at band room at the assigned time with instruments. (See “Band Clothing Requirements”.)  Students are not allowed to eat in their band uniforms unless given permission by the Director.

Away Football Games - The Band plays at all away games unless otherwise noted. Students wear blue jeans, DO band polo shirt, and DO band jacket for colder weather. Students must also wear black, closed-toed shoes.  Students will bus/carpool to destination and may bring money for additional food.

Play-off Games – If the football season is extended due to play-off appearances, band members may be asked to perform additional pep band games.

Rallies and other sporting events  - The band plays a large role in the school rallies and many sporting events other than football. The band will play “pep” songs and do cheers with the other students.

Competitions - ALL DAY and EVENING.  Some competitions are a long drive away so the day can be from 5 a.m. until after midnight.  Plan to bring or wear all of the following: black shorts, white t-shirt, polo shirt, band shirt, sweatshirt, band jacket, jeans, water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses etc.  DOBS typically provides one meal on the trip and students should bring a sack lunch or money to purchase one meal and snacks.  Members will ride buses or there will be a carpool organized. Parents provide their own transportation. Students should not plan on leaving early from performances unless under special circumstances and with approval of the director.

Note: Students put on uniforms over shorts and t-shirts together either in the band room or in the parking lot at competitions. Private dressing areas will rarely be available.


Field Show – Marching Band students perform field show at designated stadium.  Award ceremonies directly follow the competition.

Winter Show – Winter guard and percussion students perform indoors in a gym. Award ceremonies directly follow the competition.

*Occasionally we may have a weekend overnight competition. 

Band Spectacular - Del Oro will host Marching Band and Field Show competitions on the 3rd Saturday in October.  This is one of the major fundraising opportunities for the band and needs the support of all band members and their families to be successful and to offset the enormous cost of this program. Additionally, there is a Winter Spectacular on the third Friday of March. This is also a critical fundraiser for the program.

Tour - Overnight, weekend or whole week competitions, performances, or band related trips. Tour destination and dates will be announced.  Tour will typically take place during the Spring term but Fall term trips are possible. Chaperones are needed.  Tour will be open to students participating in any band related class: Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Winter Percussion, Winter Guard.

Winter Season – The competitive season for the Winter Percussion and Guard groups, typically running from late February through early April. Rehearsals for the winter season will often begin immediately following the Fall marching season.

Program and Individual Goals:

Each student will need to demonstrate improvement in each of the following areas in order to meet the expectations of the Golden Eagle Band Program.

Each Student will strive for perfect attendance and will arrive on time. Students will not miss performances.
Behavior: Each student will behave in a manner that is conducive to individual and team success and will do their part in creating a professional learning environment.
Communication: Each student will learn to communicate with peers, instructors, parents, and the director in a way that is appropriate and respectful.
Preparation of class materials: Each student will have whatever items required for the rehearsal, activity, or performance. This may include clothing/uniform items, music, pencils, instruments, equipment, props, and so on. Students will also endeavor to treat the rehearsal space and any equipment with respect and care.
Organization and Planning: Each student will be responsible for the schedule of rehearsals and performances and will plan ahead to prevent schedule conflicts. When applicable, students will help plan and organize team social activities.
Teamwork: Each student will learn and demonstrate the skills required to work as a team. Students will not be selfish when making choices.
Leadership: All students will understand basic principles in leadership. Qualifying, experienced students will demonstrate advanced leadership skills through participation in band council, serving as a section leader, a squad leader, or becoming a band manager (trailer crew, loading crew, uniforms, equipment, etc.). All students will lead through example.
Memorization: Each student will memorize any required music/drill/routine accurately and in a timely fashion (not all music is required to be memorized).
Technical Skill Development: Each Student will strive to make significant improvement in musical skills such as: Tone, Dexterity, Support of Sound, Purposeful Breathing, Articulation, Rhythmic Control and Understanding, Music Reading Skills, and Intonation. Guard students will improve in movement and equipment skills.
Music Theory: Each student will understand concepts such as Notation and Clefs, Scales, Intervals, Chords and Harmony, Keys and Modes, Transposition, Compositional Structure, and Basic Composition.
Mastery of Repertoire: Each student will strive to achieve their best personal understanding of selected pieces.
Performance of Repertoire: Each student will demonstrate maximum effort in performing selected pieces.



  • Each student’s grade is primarily based on keeping their participation points. At the beginning of the term, each student is given points for every rehearsal and event. Tardiness, unexcused (or non-qualifying) absences, lack or preparation, not following directions, and disruptive behavior can all result in losing those points. Extra credit is not available except in special circumstances and with the director’s permission.
  • Regular attendance is critical. Students are to inform the director and section instructors prior to absences if possible. Unexcused absences of rehearsals will not be tolerated. Students with excused absences will still lose participation points but may be provided opportunities for make-ups by the director. Excessive absences will sometimes result in the student’s exclusion from a performance. Work, family trips, appointments and other scheduled activities should be scheduled around band activities when at all possible.
  • Excessive Tardiness will result in the lowering of the student’s grade due to the fact that late student will miss out on participation time. The typical penalty for tardiness is around half of the participation points assigned for that rehearsal or event. Consecutive tardies will result in an additional penalty. As stated in the district policy, excessive tardiness will also lead to referral to the vice principle’s office.
  • Generally, each performance is worth about 8 to 10 percent of the student’s grade because when a student misses a performance, they will lose all of their participation points for the week. Missing performances can also result in a student being removed from the competitive ensemble. In such cases, the student will either receive an F in the course or need to participate in a parallel curriculum determined by the director.
  • Music/equipment/repertoire Proficiency is another component for class grading. This may also include memorization of music and/or routines.



1st, 2nd, and 3rd Tardies: Stern Look of Disapproval and discussion with student.

4th Tardy: Tardy Referral #1 and email home to parents.

--will result in warning from office

5th Tardy: Extra study assigned.

--Students will need to stay after school and practice. Must be verified by Mr. Duncan

6th Tardy: Tardy Referral #2

--will result in 1 hour of campus clean-up assigned by office

7th Tardy: Tardy Referral #3

            --will result in 2 hours of campus clean-up assigned by office

8th Tardy: Tardy Referral #4

            --will result in Saturday School assignment from office

9th Tardy: Tardy Referral #5

            --will result mandatory parent conference with administrator.

Note: If a student is tardy 2 or more times in any school week, that student may be held out of performances at the Director’s discretion.



Students exhibiting behavioral issues will receive demerits to their standing in the band program. Demerits are in addition to any regular disciplinary actions such as referrals or behavior modification discussions. Being in poor standing may result in any of the following consequences or others at the discretion of the band director: Removal from leadership positions, removal from the competition roster (student will remain in class and continue to work on designated curriculum), disqualification from participation in spring trip or other special trips, disqualification from extra band activities such as band breakfast days, unity games, game nights, etc.


Many of the costs incurred operating the award-winning Golden Eagle Band program are not funded by the School or District.  Additional instructors, field show design and arrangements, uniforms, weekend field show competitions, food, instrument purchases, band camps, music purchases, trucks and trailers are just some of these unfunded costs.  While other schools’ band programs can require $1000 or more from their students to participate, the DOBS (through donations and successful fundraisers) offset these costs most significantly.  Please actively participate.

I suggest a donation of $150 per band member, per class, for Marching Band, Spring Percussion, and Spring Guard (winter guard) to help with continued services that the program provides to its members. These services include many meals provided throughout the term, transportation services, and various material goods provided. Deciding not to Donate will not affect the student’s grade or status in the class. Suggested Donation for students participating in Concert and/or Jazz Band is $75. Donation suggestions may change and will be updated throughout the year as needed.


Certain instruments and equipment are available for student use. Once an instrument is checked out to a student, the student is responsible for it. Damage related to normal wear and tear may be repaired compliments of the band program. The student will be responsible for any damage that is a result of negligence or abuse. Lost or stolen instruments are the responsibility of the student. Musicians who play reed instruments will be responsible for there own reeds. General Maintenance, i.e. valve oil, cork grease, pad cleaning, reeds, etc., is the responsibility of the student.

 Flip Books and Concert Folders

 Marching Band students will be issued, as needed, one flip book when they first join band compliments of the band. If the book needs to be replaced, the student will need to pay for it.

During concert season, all concert band students will be issued a concert folder that will be used throughout the semester. Once the semester is over, they will be returned.

 Clothing requirements

Many clothing items are required for participation in Band. The required items will depend in part on what section of the Band the student is in. All students will need a band polo shirt, and D.O. band jacket. Marching shoes with black socks (calf length or higher) are required of all non-guard members. Marching gloves will be required of all wind players for rehearsal and performance. Band Uniforms are worn over WHITE t-shirts w/ black athletic shorts.  Students will also need a pair of blue jeans in good condition. Many of these items may be ordered through the band using the Spirit Wear order form. Suggestion: Write name on clothing (not on uniform) that is used during competitions.

During rehearsals, students are expected to wear proper rehearsal attire. Athletic shoes are a must. Guard members wear jazz pants, shorts, sweats or pajama bottoms with your dance/tennis shoes. NO JEANS!! We will give you plenty of time to change before school starts. Tie back hair and remove any jewelry, accessories, etc. that may hinder rehearsal before it begins.

There are also many optional clothing and equipment items that may be purchased.

Please see the Director if unable or unwilling to purchase the items listed in clothing requirements. Failure to procure items will not affect the student’s grade or status in the class.


Color Guard uniforms will change yearly. Color Guard uniforms will be purchased by guard members and will be made to go along with the theme of the field show.  Information will be made available at the beginning of the marching and winter seasons. Guard uniforms are to be worn only at band functions. Uniforms must be worn properly at all times. Only designated jewelry or make-up will be allowed. Winter Percussion uniforms will also change yearly.

The standard Marching Band Uniform is as Follows:

  1. Cadet Jacket (Provided by the Band)
  2. Bibber Pants (Provided by the Band)
  3. Black Socks (Provided by student)
  4. Black Marching Shoes (Purchased by student)
  5. Plain White shirt, long or short sleeved depending on weather. (Provided/Purchased by Student)
  6. Black lightweight shorts for wearing under the Bibber Pants. (Provided/Purchased by Student)
  7. White Performance Gloves (Percussion excluded) (One Pair provided by the Band, Students are charged for replacements)
  8. Shako with Chain and Plume. (Pit excluded) (Provided by the Band)
  9. Citations (Provided by the band, students are charged for replacements)
  10. Garment Bag (Provided by the Band)

The standard Concert Uniform is as follows:

Men’s Uniform

  1. Black Dress Coat (provided by band)
  2. Black Pants (provided by band)
  3. Black Dress Shoes (provided by student, marching shoes are acceptable)
  4. Black Socks (provided by student)
  5. White, long sleeve dress shirt (provided by student)
  6. Gold Tie (provided by the band)

Women’s Uniform

  1. Black Concert Gown (provided by the band)
  2. Black Dress Shoes (provided by the student)

The standard Jazz Band uniform is as follows:

1.       Black Dress Shoes (provided by student, marching shoes are acceptable)

2.       Black Socks (provided by student)

3.       Black Pants (provided by student, concert pants are acceptable and available for loan)

4.       Black Dress Shirt (provided by the student)

5.       Gold Vest and Tie (Provided by Band)

When Damage occurs to a uniform component (including Garment bag) due to mishandling or negligence, the student is responsible for repair or replacement. Please refer to the Code of Conduct for Uniform Etiquette Rules.

Note: Band members are responsible to get their uniform pants hemmed (DO NOT CUT UNIFORMS). Students put on uniforms over shorts and t-shirts together either in the band room or in the parking lot at competitions.  No camisoles or tank tops are permitted; perspiration stains ruin the uniforms.


DOBS – The Del Oro Band Supporters are …YOU!

DOBS Board – Volunteer parents who are elected to run the DOBS non-profit organization.

Executive Board Member positions include President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Additionally, the General Board positions include the Chairperson or Designate of the Fundraising Committee, the Chairperson or Designate of the Competition Support Committee, the Chairperson or Designate of the Elementary Liaison Committee, the Chairperson or Designate of the Hospitality Committee, the Del Oro Band Director, and the immediate Past President of the corporation.

DOBS Meetings - Calendars, volunteers, tours etc., are all discussed here.  Essential for all parents to attend to really support their student and know what is expected and going on in the Golden Eagle Marching Band.  Additional meetings are held for the Fall and Winter Spectacular planning.  Meeting dates and times to be announced.

DOBS Clothes and Other Items - Check out the Spirit Wear, sweatshirts, hats and much more.  These items are for band students, family members and all supporters.

Communications - Band members and their parents receive e-mail communications on a regular basis regarding band trips, schedules for field shows and many other announcements.


Mailing address:  

Del Oro Band Supporters

   PO Box 296

Loomis, CA  95650 

Email address: 

Executive Board Member officer positions:


Vice President



Past President

Frequently Asked Questions:

What students qualify for the Annual Spring Trip?

          The Spring Trip typically occurs in May. All Spring Term Band students qualify for participation in Spring Trip as long as they have taken at least one band class and passed with an A or B grade. If there is a student performance associated with the trip, such as a concert, there will be mandatory rehearsals for those students participating in the trip. These rehearsals will mostly occur during Concert Band time.

Are students required to participate in Spring term band classes in order to take Marching Band?

          There is an expectation that each student maintains and improves their skills in preparation for Marching Band. Taking band classes during the spring is not required for participation in marching band but it is highly encouraged and recommended. Students not taking Spring Band classes who are interested in participating in Marching Band the following Fall should seek out private music lessons and provide evidence of improvement to the band director. Any student electing not to take a spring term band class is responsible for staying in contact with the band director regularly for any updates and general band information.

Is Band Camp Required?

          Yes. Exceptions may be made if approved by the Band Director. Please contact director ahead of time.

Are summer rehearsals (prior to band camp) and carwashes required?

          Not technically but they are highly encouraged. Summer activities are critical to our team success. Students are expected to be in attendance if they are in town. At the very minimum, students should attend 2 carwashes and 2 rehearsals prior to band camp. Again, students will be at all rehearsals whenever possible.

Part 2: Band Leadership and Tradition -Band Constitution

The Band Constitution is managed and enforced by the Band Council. Information can be obtained by contacting the band director. 

Part 3: Band Member Responsibilities and Code of Conduct

The following items are to be adhered to during all band functions including rehearsals, performances, while in transit (in busses or cars), or at any scheduled band event. Rules will also apply whenever students are in a band space such as the band room, at show encampments, or on campus. Students are also encouraged to observe any applicable band rules while in public. 

I.      Respect – Always show respect for yourself, your peers, your teachers, your school, and your community. You are to support each other through positive language and encouragement. Negative language and rumor spreading will not be tolerated.

II.      Respect people’s space and property – Students shall not needlessly touch or move other peoples’ things. Whenever something is borrowed, it must then be returned to the proper place and in good condition. When using a location for rehearsal or performance, it should be left clear of trash.

III.      Be on time! – It is the responsibility of the member to be on time, every time. Students should discuss any potential issues with the director well in advance.

IV.      Inappropriate language is never acceptable – Choose your words carefully. This includes posts and comments made on social media pages such as face book and other written language.

V.      No “PDA” – Public Displays of Affection are not appropriate on school grounds or during any band function.

VI.      Follow the chain of command – The band leadership structure is to be abided by during rehearsals and band functions. See the Director to discuss leadership issues.

VII.      Do not bicker or argue. Disagreements should be handled in a civilized manner outside of class time. This includes social media sites and other written communication.

VIII.      During any band function, students will stay in groups of three or more band members. Someone not in band cannot count as a second or third person.

IX.      Friends and significant others not in band should not be in the immediate vicinity of rehearsal or performance. During band functions, do not expect to spend time with friends, family, or significant others who are not in the band.

X.      Take Pride in your band room. – The band room is to be treated with respect at all times.

There will be no eating or drinking in the band room unless given special permission.  Eating in the room during school lunch/brunch will be allowed only if the room’s kept tidy.

Dirty shoes are not allowed in the band room.

The band room should not be left open and unattended.

Band room lockers and attached rooms should be kept tidy.

Do not leave personal possessions in the room or attached rooms. Use lockers or other assigned spaces.

XI.      Uniform Etiquette – While in uniform…

Official Band clothing such as Band Polo shirts and the band jackets may not be altered in anyway without the director’s permission. Patches may be used if approved by director.

Students will wear their uniform properly and will be responsible for all of its components.

Students will not eat or drink (other than water) without permission.

Students will not run or roughhouse.

Students will not wear makeup/jewelry unless part of the uniform or approved by the Director.

No PDA in uniform. When in uniform (including away game uniforms), this includes any hugging or holding hands.

Students will only use the uniform components assigned to them.

If carrying a uniform part, students will do so in a uniform and orderly fashion.

XII.      Field (rehearsal) Etiquette – While on the field (when rehearsing in general)…

Students will not spit on the ground.

Students will wear proper marching footwear if on the field.

Students will set down Instruments/Equipment/Personal belongings in an organized manner.

Students will avoid stepping over equipment or walking through a working section.

Students will refrain from making corrections to other marching members unless given the authority to do so.

Students will not talk as we are working.

Students will reset quickly between marching sets.

Students will not use instruments/equipment other than their own.

XIII.      Take Pride in your band. The Golden Eagle Band is what it is now because someone before you cared enough and was willing to uphold the tradition of excellence. You represent the band, the school, and the community both on and off the field. It is your duty to exemplify what it means to be a Golden Eagle.