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Cardio Health

An interactive fitness - health education class which attempts to create life long health centered learners.

Course Information

This two-part required freshmen class introduces you to the knowledge, skills, and behaviors which will assist you in becoming "Health literate" individuals with lifelong commitment to healthy living.

The Health portion of the class is devoted to decision-making concepts, stress reduction, nutrition, infectious and noninfectious diseases, drug and family life education and must be passed in order to graduate.

The Cardio portion of the class emphasizes cardiovascular fitness by introducing heart rate monitors, which are used as biofeedback indicators to teach about the effect of mental, emotional, and physical stress on the heart and body.

Course Units / Areas of Study

  1. Introduction to Health and Wellness
    • Mental Health
    • Decision Making and Refusal Skills
  2. Diseases and Disorders
    • Physical Fitness
    • Cardiovascular System
  3. Nutrition
  4. Alcohol, TobaccoIllicit Drugs & Medicine
  5. Family Life
    • Conception, Development, and Birth
    • STI's & HIV
    • Relationships, 

Assignments / Agenda

While general daily and weekly agendas will be posted on the Google Calendar above, assignments and quizzes will be managed through Google Classroom.  Inside Google Classroom, you will find the assignment prompts, due dates, rubrics, etc. Students enrolled in the course can access the Google Classroom account here.