"Exercise and recreation are as necessary as reading." - Thomas Jefferson 

Studying Physical Education

The mission of the Del Oro Physical Education Department is to develop healthy bodies and minds, and promote positive attitudes towards lifetime physical activity, fitness, and skills. With a quality physical education program in place, each student will be empowered with the knowledge and skills necessary to make responsible lifestyle choices that directly impact his/her health and well-being. 

P.E. 1
An activity class specifically designed for freshmen. The three basic areas of the program are:
1. Aquatics: Emphasis on water safety.
2. Team Sports: Emphasis on rules, skills & strategies of team sports.
3. Combative: Emphasis on basic self-defense moves and concepts.
4. Health and Wellness.
5. Physical Fitness: Students will develop a base fitness level in the 5 
areas of fitness that will prepare them for elective classes offered to sophomores and for athletics at Del Oro.

Fit for Life
A cardiovascular based fitness class. Activities include fitness games, circuit training, aqua aerobics, step aerobics, walking and jogging. Students will also develop fitness through weight training. 
Students will assess their fitness level, set goals, and learn to set up a training program to reach their goals. Information on body image, nutrition and a healthy life-style will also be covered.

This class is for students wishing to further their current skill level/knowledge of the game & related topics. Units of instruction include: fundamental skill development, weight training, foot speed development, team and situational play. This class is offered to sophomores 0 Block in the fall only. Approval of instructor is required.

P.E. Performance Training
This course is designed for female students who are interested in improving their physical skills for an enhanced athletic performance. The course will include beginning and advanced techniques in weight training, plyometrics, core strengthening, speed, quickness, flexibility, and sport specific conditioning. It will also include instruction on life-long healthy fitness skills specifically for females. Mental training may include but is not limited to, psychology and sociology of sport, mental toughness and motivational skills.
Cardio Health
This two-part required freshman class introduces you to the knowledge, skills, and behaviors which will assist you in becoming “health literate” individuals with a lifelong commitment to healthy living. The health portion of the class is devoted to decision-making concepts, stress reduction, nutrition, infectious and noninfectious diseases, drug and family life education and must be passed in order 
to graduate. The cardio portion of the class emphasizes cardiovascular fitness by introducing heart rate monitors, which are used as biofeedback indicators to teach about the effect of mental, emotional 
and physical stress on the heart and body. Cardio-health opens the pathway to the Physical Education Department’s 10th, 11th and 12th grade curriculum, weight training, and athletic experiences at Del Oro 
High School.

Health Education covers a broad spectrum of curriculum related to many health issues. The course is designed to create opportunities for sound decision making and lifetime wellness choices. This course's content deals with physical, mental and social health. Included in this comprehensive class are decision making and stress reduction tactics; drugs, violence, teen law, nutrition and fitness, 
diseases (covering noninfectious and infectious diseases); body systems; drug and family life education.

Basketball Theory
This is for students wishing to further their current skill level and knowledge of the game. It may serve as a foundation for the pursuit of interscholastic competition, recreational enjoyment and coaching. 
Units of instruction will include: Fundamental skill development, weight training, history of basketball, nutrition, individual and team offense, individual and team defense, situational concepts, as well as the development of self confidence.

Cross Training
Course description coming soon!
This new class is offered 4th block in the Spring with Mr. Fee!
P.E. 2
The P.E. 2 class is designed to meet the California State Standards for second year physical education students. The main objective is to introduce the students to a variety of motor skills, movement patterns, and strategies needed to perform a variety of team sports, basic lifts in weight training, and basic self defense moves. The students will be exposed to a combination of team sports, fitness, and literacy as it applies to the course curriculum.

Advanced Weight Training 
This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop fitness through weight training, aerobic conditioning and flexibility. Included will be daily cardiovascular fitness: possibly 
running and/or plyometric activities. Students will be exposed to a variety of weight training programs that will enable them to discover which are best suited to their individual needs. Students will also 
be educated in proper lifting techniques, safety factors and muscle development so as to make them capable of developing their own weight training programs. This course operates on a four day a week 
workout schedule.

Advanced Football
This upper division class is for students wishing to further their current skill level/knowledge of the game & related topics. Units of instruction will include: fundamental skill development, weight training, foot speed development & situational play. Approval of instructor 
is required.

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