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Video Production

A project-based introduction to the art of storytelling through video

Phase I (first 3-4 weeks) "Learning Post-Production"
  1. Basic File Management
  2. Digital Video Editing (Adobe Premiere CC)
  3. Introduction to "storytelling" with video
Phase II (next 2-4 weeks) "Learning Production"
1. Tools of the Trade (Production Equipment)
  2. Techniques of Effective Filming/Production
  3. Production Roles & Responsibilities 
Phase III ( 14-16 weeks) "Hands-On" Filmmaking
Once individual students show competency in DV editing and the use and care of the equipment mentioned above, they will be moved into “phase III”. They will work on their own or in small groups to complete projects based on the guidelines provided by me. When working in groups, students will then assign themselves the members roles (i.e. director, camera person, audio person, talent). Members of the group will complete a story-board and develop the script (if required). If the project requires the use of props, the students are expected to obtain the props outside of class. This is when students can unleash their creativity! *During Phase III of the training students will also get blocks of instruction regarding careers and opportunities in the TV, News Broadcasting & Filmmaking industry sectors.
  1. Music Video (focus: Visual Storytelling)
  2. PSA (Public Service Announcement) 
  3. Movie Trailer (focus: Editing, Music Scoring & Story Development)
  4. Action Film (focus: Acting, Story Development & Editing)
  5. Special FX Film (focus: Advanced Production/Post-Production techniques)