02 - Digital Literacy & Citizenship

OutcomesStudents will explore what it means to be responsible and informed in a digital age.

Computer Literacy & Vocabulary - "The Big 200"

In this class you will have 6 Quizzes on Computer Literacy Terminology and Course Concepts. These quizzes will culminate into a Final Exam at the end of the term.  Below you will find the terms lists for each quiz:

  • Terms for Getting Started Quiz
  • Terms for MLA Quiz
  • Terms for Photoshop Quiz
  • Terms for Video Production Quiz
  • Terms for Spreadsheets Quiz
  • Terms for Frosh Guidance Quiz


Each student will complete the Beginner and Intermediate Course on the Typing.Com Website. The instructor will enroll you into the correct "class" at school and you can work on your typing thru the entire 9 weeks. It is designed for the students to type in 10-15 mins regular segments to practice the touch method to keyboarding. The student will have ample time to complete the minimum training in class. If students are absent, working at home will be accepted. We want to be sure we are not "cramming" this is designed to be regular practice throughout the semester.

Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Common Sense Media Link

One of the major focuses of this course is to provide students with the mandated Digital Citizenship and Cyber-Ethics curriculum for High School Students. The Placer Union High School District is aligned with the program Common Sense Media which provides students and parents with modules and assignments concerning issues such as appropriate use, cyber-bullying, digital footprints, social networking, and online relationships.

The Students will complete lessons each week on different topics and will create a journal on their e-portfolio with responses to class discussions and any assignments they complete.  In addition, these concepts can show up on vocab quizzes and the course final.

Reflection Prompts:
Based on the readings, videos, and small group and class discussions, write a 1/2 page - 1 page reflection (in paragraph form) that answers the following questions:
  1. What is one new/interesting thing that you learned during the Digital Citizenship activity?
  2. What is one way that your behavior can/should/will change after today’s lesson?
  3. How would you explain the importance of today’s topic to a group of 7th graders?  What advice would you give them?