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Del Oro Tech Essentials - Frosh Tech

Students will become "self-starters" and demonstrate workability and employability in the classroom

Course Information

Welcome to the Computer Core / Tech Essentials Course at Del Oro High School. New students and parents, please take the time to review the course syllabus.

Frosh Tech Essential Learning Outcomes (ELO's)

Students will:

  1. Develop proper QWERTY typing skills.
  2. Understand the basic components (hardware/software) of a computer.
  3. Comprehend terminology associated with computer hardware, computer software, Google applications, Adobe CC, digital photography, and video production. (Big 200).
  4. Utilize Google applications effectively.
  5. Format an MLA research paper.
  6. Discover college/career paths related to their interests, skills, and personality traits.
  7. Discover and utilize digital photography/videography skills.
  8. Produce projects using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere.

Frosh Tech