Technology Electives

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Studying Multimedia & Technology 

The Multimedia Program at Del Oro embraces the convergence technology, design, innovation, art, entertainment, and entrepreneurship. Multimedia students will learn and practice design thinking as they use building blocks like videos, images, motion graphics, text, programming, music and voice to create various projects.  

Technology Teacher Pages

Frosh Tech/Tech Core

Frosh Tech – Students will master the foundation standards by which computer software technologies are utilized in the Placer Union High School District as well as in colleges and careers. Students will learn computer basics (hardware/software), industry standard core applications (Google Mail, Drive, Sheets, Slides, Docs), Adobe CS6 (i.e. Photoshop, Premiere), and various web-based applications (aka: Web 2.0). Students will be guided according to California State Career and Technical Education (CTE) Standards (see through thematic project-based lessons.

Tech Core – This is a required 9 week freshman technology class. The class switches with Frosh Tech. The course gives the student an introduction to technology/engineering related fields. Major projects include board drafting, computer 3D drafting, a technology speech, robotics, and building a catapult. Students will also research careers 
that reflect interests, pathways and post secondary options.

Computer Applications 

This is an introductory computer course. The course is designed for students who have not met the frosh CPU core requirement. New freshman not enrolled in frosh tech, remediation, or transfer students are eligible. If the student has already passed Frosh Tech, he/she needs to enroll in Video Production.

Video Production (Sierra College Course) 

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The course provides students with a basic understanding of the technology behind video as an information medium and some of the ways in which it is created to achieve its desired effect on an audience. Students are given instruction on equipment/ software operation and ongoing guidance as class projects progress. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate production skills and techniques allowing them to produce video for a variety of audiences. Example projects include producing public service announcements, music videos, news stories, and promotional commercials.

Broadcasting lII-lV

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Students will learn and practice the basics of video broadcasting. In addition to producing the daily live news show students will film and live stream a variety of home sporting events and other 
campus events. Daily tasks can involve being an anchor, running the video switcher, operating the teleprompter, or controlling the soundboard. Each week students create short videos that highlight events that happen at school or in the community. Work created here will be posted and updated on and the Del Oro News YouTube channel.

Web Publishing 

This is a project based introduction to web design and development that will cover the fundamental concepts needed to build and maintain web pages using Hypertext Markup  Language and Cascading Style Sheets.  Students will evaluate existing websites to learn the best practices in the world of web design.  Students will explore various elements of website layout, navigation, and design.  The course will progress from introductory work with web concepts to a culminating project in which students design and develop websites. 

Del Oro Tech Services (D.O.T.S.)

D.O.T.S. is a student–run technology organization that provides technical services to DOHS staff and students. Students provide assistance in the areas of technical support, website design and management, as well as training staff on basic and advanced use of hardware and software. 


This course is designed to give students a realistic introduction to programming.  Students will be able to design, write, and debug a high level program using the Visual Basic programming language.  Emphasis is on structured design, object orientation, Graphical user interface design, and event-driven applications. Good code practices such as commenting, indentation and meaningful variable names are also stressed.