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Integrated 2
916-652-7243 #1904

Integrated 2 is a college prep course which is the second of three required courses (Integrated 1-3) for the U.C. and California State College systems.  This course has been designed to reflect what math is important to implement current knowledge about how students learn, and to help develop new concepts needed for advanced math and science courses.

IM2 Essential Skill Topics
1.   Solving Equations
2.  Proofs
3.  Transformations
4.  Geometric Properties:  Basic
5.  Area and Volume
6.  Probability and Statistics 
7.  Trigonometry
8.  Factoring 
9.  Quadratics
10. Geometric Properties - Quadrilaterals
11.  Geometric Properties - Circles

IM2 Essential Skill Tracker for Students

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FALL 2020

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