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Instructional Videos

Video Samples - BC Calculus

Topic Handout Instructional 
 DHH Video 
Derivative Rules and
Tangent Lines
 Notes Page for VideoVideo DHH Video 

Motion and Value TheoremsVideoDHH Video - Part 1
DHH Video - Part 2

Trig SubstitutionsNotes Page for VideoVideoDHH Video
Improper Integrals
Notes Page for Video Video DHH Video 
 Practice Sig Test #4

Handout Video Part 1 -
FTC, Motion/Value, Integ. by Sub

Video Part 2 -
Improper Integrals, Integration by Parts, Integ. of Rational Functions

Video Part 3 -
Euler's Method, Volume, Arc Length

DHH Video - Part 1
DHH Video - Part 2
DHH Video - Part 3 
Volume MethodsNotes Page for VideoVideo    DHH Video - Part 1 (washers)
DHH Video - Part 2 (shells)

Arc LengthNotes Page for VideoVideoDHH Video
Infinite Geometric SeriesNotes Page for Video

VideoDHH Video
Past AP Test Questions

Notes Page for VideoVideo - 2001 #2 Video - 2002 #5 Video - 2004B #5 Video - 2000 #1DHH Video - 2001 #2
 DHH Video - 2002 #5
    DHH Video - 2004B #5

Vector IntroductionNotes Page for VideoVideoDHH Video
Series -
Alternating, Integral, and P-Series

Notes Page for VideoVideoDHH Video
Series - Samples of Tests
(Except Ratio Test)

Notes Page for VideoVideoDHH Video
Comparison and Limit Comparison Test

Notes Page for VideoVideoDHH Video
Intervals of Convergence for
Power Series

Notes Page for VideoVideo

DHH Video
Slopes of Polar Curves

VideoDHH Video
Parametric Equations  Video  DHH Video

Polar Area
 Video DHH Video 
 MacLaurin Series

 Notes Page for VideoVideo DHH Video
Taylor and MacLaurin Series Manipulations 

Notes Page for Video Video
DHH Video - Part 1 
DHH Video - Part 2?
 Error Analysis with
Alternating Series
 Notes Page for VideoVideoDHH Video 
 Past AP Taylor ProblemsNotes Page for Video Video
DHH Video 

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