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Tone is the author's attitude toward their subject.  When considering a character's tone, it would be that character's attitude toward the subject.  The subject can be what, or whom, the author is writing about or it can be whom the character is speaking to or about.  Tone answers the questions: "How does the author/character feel about the subject?"  "How are they treating the subject?"

For further review and for examples, view this Powerpoint Presentation.

Online Intervention Assignment

To get credit for this intervention, complete ALL the following steps:
  1. Review the Powerpoint Presentation on Tone.
  2. Complete and submit this assignment online using the review to help. This will take about 25 minutes, and the form does not let you save your responses; in other words, you must complete the assignment in one sitting.
  3. Email your teacher to let him or her know that you've completed the assignment.