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English 10: Evaluating Web Research


The Internet can be a powerful tool for research; however, not all websites are created equal. We as researchers shouldn't trust every website we find just because it shows up on Google, Yahoo or Bing. By asking a few important questions we can determine whether or not a website is worth looking into and worth going to as a quality source of information.
Use the links below to review.

Online Intervention Assignment

To get credit for this intervention, complete ALL the following steps:
  1. Review the Evaluating Websites Prezi and Evaluating Websites Activity.
  2. Complete and submit online this Intervention Assignment using the Prezi. This will take about 20 minutes, and the form does not let you save your responses; in other words, you must complete the assignment in one sitting.
  3. Email your teacher to let him or her know that you've completed the assignment.