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About Mrs. Tinucci

Hello Tinucci Kids and welcome class of 2023! I hope you are looking forward to an exciting year of growing and learning; high school goes so fast, and it is important to make the most of every opportunity and new beginning.

I have been teaching at Del Oro for 29 years, specifically, freshmen for 27 of those years. Every year brings new opportunities for me to help my students prepare for their time at D.O and beyond. And, every year I am amazed at the qualities I see present within my students-strength, hard work, intelligence, perseverance, kindness, hope...I know this will be another great year.

When not in the classroom, I enjoy being active, spending time outside and time with my family. I have a husband, 4 great kids, and in a word, I am blessed! I am blessed not only because of my family, but I work at a great school with great people-staff and students alike.

I look forward to meeting, learning and growing with you-
Mrs. T.

Fall Term 2019

Spring Term 2020 

Syllabus can be found by clicking on the link below. All homework and due dates are listed on Tinucci's Tasks. 

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