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The Senior Writing Assessment


Summary Assignment

    by Annie Murphy Paul

    Robert J. Samuelson

    by Jesse Jackson

    by Paul Krugman

    by Senator Rand Paul

    by Sunil Dutta

    by Terra Ziporyn Snider

    by Carlos Martinez

    by Saad B. Omer

    by Mike Abrams

    by Charles Blow

    by John Yoder, Brad Cates

    by Paul Krugman

    by Joe Nocera

    by Mark O'Mara

    by Robert Veatch

    by Marcy Darnovsky

     by Stephen Hinshaw & Richard                     Scheffler

Let Them Shoot up: In Defense of Alex Rodriguez
    by Nick Gillespie

"Conning Americans to give up Privacy"
    by Leonard Pitts Jr.

"Homeland Confusion"
    by Thomas Keen, Lee Hamilton

"Redistributing wealth upward"
    by Harold Meyerson

    by Eli Dourado

    by J. Marshall Shepherd

"The GOP's citizenship oppression"
    by Harold Meyerson

"The Drone Question Obama hasn't Answered"
    by Ryan Goodman

"The Lows of Higher Ed"
    by Gail Collins

"Should Government Fund "the Arts?"
    by Nick Gillespie

  • New York Times
  • LA Times
  • The Economist
  • CNN
  • NBC News
  • CBS News
  • ABC News
  • FOX News
  • Huffington post
  • Drudge Report
  • Newsweek
  • TIME
  • The New Yorker
  • The Atlantic Monthly
  • Forbes
  • Professional Websites

Preliminary Due Dates

Topic Due: 3/26

Working Thesis Due: 3/27    

Research Folder Due: 4/8
Composing the Essay, Mini-Deadlines 
(all assignments must be typed)

Intro Due: 4/10 -includes revised thesis, if needed.Bring 2 Typed Copies!

Counter Argument Paragraph Due: 4/15 -turn in with introductionBring 2 Typed Copies!

Rebuttal Paragraph Due:  4/20 -include intro and counter argumentBring 2 Typed Copies!

Sub Argument Paragraphs Due: 4/22 -include intro, counter argument, and rebuttal. Bring 2 Typed Copies!

Rough Draft Due: 4/24 -includes internal citations and Works Cited page. Bring 1 typed copy with Student Code rather than Name.  BIG POINTS!

FINAL DRAFT DUE (25% of Overall grade) : 4/30
-NO late papers accepted/No exceptions!
-Turn in a hard copy of essay in your research folder, along with print-out copies of ALL sources cited in your paper.
-Submit a copy of your paper to Turnitin.