Accelerated English 10 Summer Reading 2016-2017: Making Connections

Informational Texts

After completing your reading of both Night and The Chosen, read the following informational texts:

Then copy and paste the following questions into a Google Doc, answering each one in depth with specific details from the text(s). Be sure to include a proper MLA heading. You will submit this Google Doc to

Connection Questions

  1. Before his experiment, what did Milgram expect he would prove about German participation in the Holocaust?
  2. The experiment did not go as Milgram had expected. What was his explanation for his subjects’ behavior?
  3. What does this study imply about people’s likely obedience to institutions, regardless of what they demands?
  4. How does this experiment relate to Wiesel's experience as described in his memoir Night?
  5. According to Einstein, why are Jews being persecuted? What does he believe will happen in Europe if this persecution is allowed to continue?
  6. From where do the Jewish people draw their strength to persevere, according to Einstein? Be thorough in your answer.
  7. Thinking about Einstein’s speech, discuss why might Mr. Malter feel connected to Reb Saunders on a deeper level? Why might Mr. Malter risk his health for political causes?