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Poem of the Week - POW

Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful.     ~Rita Dove

Every week you'll be introduced to a new poem which we will read, explore, and experience.
  • Monday you'll receive the POW, we'll read it aloud in class at least twice, and you'll begin making notes. If you are absent, you can download the POW from the Daily Agenda or this page.
  • During the week you are responsible to annotate and explicate the poem, using the strategies that I will teach you. We will discuss the poem in class.
  • Monday your annotations and explication are due before you receive the new Poem of the Week. Some weeks you will also write a paragraph response to the poem.


All Poems of the Week are graded as follows:
  • POW Annotation (10 points):  Your annotations must show evidence of close reading; for example, meaningful notes, observations, questions, underlines, highlights, etc. Your annotations must be meaningful and extensive (according to my standards, which I'll show you), or you won't earn credit.
  • POW Explication (20 points):  Organize your notes on the back of the poem using a graphic organizer. Use your notes and the class discussion to explicate the poet's meaning and tone. Make connections to outside works. Be organized and thorough to receive full credit.
  • TOTAL: 30 points
Some weeks we will write an in-class response to a poem.
  • POW Paragraph (25 points): Write an organized expository paragraph with quote examples and commentary that analyzes a specific aspect of the poem. I will not read every paragraph that you write. I will randomly select paragraphs to read and closely grade during the term. These paragraphs will be worth additional points in the writing category. 
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