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About Mrs. Smith

What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?         - Mary Oliver

Welcome to Mrs. Smith's classroom. My goal in English goes well beyond reading and writing. I became a teacher because I LOVE words and ideas and consider teenagers to be the most interesting group of people on earth. I hope to help students critically analyze themselves, the world around them, and the individual and collective contribution they can make to society. Learning to communicate is at the heart of an exemplary education. I believe that all effective education is essentially a conversation — conversation between teacher, students, and parents. My goal is to initiate and foster meaningful conversation, whether written, online, or spoken. I have found through my own experience that the best way to be successful in the classroom is to:

  • Be prepared
  • Be present and participate
  • Be polite
  • Have integrity
  • Be persistent

Things to Know About Mrs. Smith
  • Grew up in the small town of Cortez, Colorado, in the four corners area of the Western states.
  • Married to a Civil Engineer and my best friend, and have four beautiful daughters. Love being a Mom.
  • Interests include hiking, mountain biking, traveling, reading, writing, poetry, philosophy, watching movies, playing piano, Mexican food, Sherlock Holmes.
  • Have a BA in English Literature and Writing, and a minor in German.
  • Know how to wood turn, paint gourds, and crochet (though not simultaneously). 
  • For about 10 years, was a technical writer and manager for Intel, which means I designed and wrote computer manuals, online help systems, and training materials.
  • Started teaching at Del Oro High School in 2009.