Mrs. Cradis

Study Skills

        2019-2020 Associated Activities

    • English Co-Teacher
    • Supported Studies
    • Special Education teacher/case manager
    • Resource Specialist: assistance with strategies on differentiating instruction, accommodations/ modifications within the classroom to meet individual needs.

        Contact Information

About Mrs. Cradis

It is my great privilege to be a Del Oro Golden Eagle. Students are the main focus here, and being part of this culture makes every teaching day a great experience.  While I have taught many subjects, both in general and special education realms, my focus has been on English and Study Skills. Being a Midwest transplant, I now love living in Meadow Vista with my husband, Ken, my 2 dogs Sasha and Sara, and our loving kitty, Kassy Kat, where I enjoy activities such as gardening, swimming, cooking, and reading, to name a few. 

Spring Term 2020