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The Company

    The mission of The Company is to educate students in        theatre arts, engage the community, and create                opportunities for individuals to grow into achieving the    highest artistic standards. We are committed to                building confidence in ourselves and in each other in a        mutually respectful and supportive environment.

The Company's 3 Core Beliefs

1. We Dream Big
(It's fun to do the impossible!)

2. We Respect and Support Each Other
(Everyone is important)

          3. Effort + Teamwork = Quality
      (It isn't the Magic that makes it work; it's the way we work that makes it Magic)

Theatre Arts

 Drama 1 and 2

 Technical Theatre

Past Productions

The Company Board


Lady J

Gina Musilli has been serving The Company since its inception in 2004, serving in numerous capacities.

  Sir Johnson

Jeff Johnson is the Director of Theatre Arts, producing and directing more shows at Del Oro than he has fingers and toes to count them all.

  Mama Jones

Shere Freedman is the Assistant Director of Theatre Arts. She has been musically directing and snickering in The Company since...a long while now.

The Company also has a professional partnership with:

to provide students with opportunities to work in professional theatre.