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English 1B

Sierra College (PROD)
Spring 2019
INSTRUCTOR(S) - (P)rimary

Johnson, Jeffrey (P)

Start Date: 29-JAN-2019
End Date: 02-MAY-2019
Last Date to add class: 12-FEB-2019
Last Date to drop with a refund: 12-FEB-2019
Last Date to drop without a "W": 12-FEB-2019
Last Date to drop with a "W": 27-MAR-2019
Census Date: 13-FEB-2019
Add Auth Expiration: 12-FEB-2019

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find a literary criticism of a reading, and make a presentation that summarizes the critique, and then a response to the critique. They must

Directions for this Critique Assignment:

1. Find a critique on one of the Readings.

2. Get it approved by me.

3. Read it.

4. Read it again, exploring parts you didn't understand.

5. Identify the central idea of each paragraph in the left margin.

6. Identify the larger stages that build the main idea of the piece in the right margin.

7. Write a thesis for the piece.

8. After the thesis, you can assemble the sentences written in #6 afterwards, smooth out the language to make if flow, and - voila - you have a summary.

9. Make a powerpoint/prezi.

   A. Identify the author, title, and original publication source on the first slide.

   B. Follow up with the summary. Don't overload a slide. Present one idea per slide. You may use additional slides to explain as needed.

   C. After presenting the summary of the critique to the class, follow up with slides that walk us through your reaction to the critique.

Readings in 1B that require a Card Report Analysis (based off last year...this list will be modified).

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