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Argument Synthesis

Op-Ed Articles

    by Farhad Manjoo

    by Harold Meyerson

    by Leonard Pitts

    by Nelson Lichtenstein

    by Robert Veatch

    by Marcy Darnovsky

    by Eli Dourado

    by J. Marshall Shepherd

    by Glenn Garvin

    by Harold Meyerson

     by Stephen Hinshaw & Richard Scheffler

    by Kathleen Parker

    by Etta Kravolec

    by Shane Bauer

    by Nick Gillespie

    by Sunil Dutta

    by Kathleen Parker

    by Leonard Pitts, Jr.



Evaluating Websites (CRAAP Detector)





ProQuest E-Library  Scroll down to "Digital Resources" and click on the ProQuest Link. (There are other resources on this page, too).
    Username: doit
    Password: shineon

    Requires a Placer Country Library card

    Important Dates

Apr. 15  - Research Folder Due (at beginning of class). Folders will be accepted and reviewed after this time, but not given any points).

Apr. 20 - Intro. Due

Apr. 27 -  Counterargument/Rebuttal paragraphs Due

May 5 - Peer Edit

May 7 - Final Essay Due ( at 11:59 pm. No late papers can be accepted! This Sierra College class ends today.
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