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English 1A


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This unique class has Sierra College's English 1A course material interwoven with standard coursework for English 11, so students will earn dual-credit: 10 credits of English for completion of high school requirements, and 4 units of college credit for General Education requirements at any college or university. English 1A requires 54 hours of instructional time, and this time will be interspersed throughout the course. Included in the 4 units is 1 unit of online work. A high school course requires more instructional hours than this college class, so the balance of additional instructional hours beyond the English 1A requirements will be used to cover the grade-level department objectives in American Literature. Because there will be less time for literature in this class than in a conventional English 11 class, it will not cover all of the novels and plays that a regular English 11 class does, but it will cover a survey of American Literature from the foundation of the country through modern times, and some of the longer literary works covered in the conventional class. The course description of the English 11 portion of this course can be found below.

Students in this dual-credit class will be enrolled in Sierra College and will enjoy all the benefits of being a student there, including library privileges. Be aware that students will receive separate grades for this course: one for their transcripts at Sierra College, and a separate grade for their transcripts at Del Oro. While it should be noted that performance in the Sierra College portion of the class will affect the Del Oro grade, the reverse is not true; the performance in the American Literature portion of the class will not impact the Sierra College grade.

Parents and students, please read the course syllabus and the Academic Integrity Policy, then verify that you have done so.

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