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Daily Log Fall 2019

10 - Reviewed “Devil and Tom Walker” SG. Pointed to the complete answers with quotes as model for The Crucible exam. Read “Rip Van Winkle.” Gave SG

9 - Finished reading The Crucible. Gave Test questions.

6 - Read “The Devil and Tom Walker” and completed Study Guide.

5 - Lectured on Romanticism. Showed and discussed images of Age of Reason vs. Romanticism. Finished reading Act III.

4 - Took practice SBAC. 

3 - Gave out American Dream worksheet to prepare for diagnostic essay. Read The Crucible up to pg. 92.

Sep. 2 - Labor Day! Workers of the world, unite!

30 - 2nd: Age of Reason. Franklin’s Autobio.  Watched three scenes from "Holy Grail" and discussed the elements of the Age of Reason depicted in them. Finished Act II. 5th: Age of Reason. Franklin’s Autobio. Read up to “golden candlesticks” in Act II.

29 - 2nd: read up to needle in poppet, filling out Conflict Sheet. 5th: Puritan Test. Read to end of Act I. Conflict sheet.

28 - Puritan Test and graded it (2nd 5th block due to gas line damage).

27 - Read “Sacred Soil,” identifying Similes, Metaphors, and Personifications, answered the Study Guide, and wrote a Rhetorical Sq. analysis. Compared the rhetorical square of "Sacred Soil" to "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God." Read up to Hale’s entrance.

26 - Passed out “Exposition of Characters.” Read up to Rebecca’s entrance, stopping to fill out the Exposition and highlight themes. Test on Wednesday.

23 - Asked what you know about McCarthyism. Assigned you to read "What is McCarthyism" and gave a Study Guide. Discussed McCarthyism. Passed out “The Crucible.” Gave themes, and read Historical Accuracy.

22 - Asked what you know about Puritans. Lectured on Puritans. Reviewed the "Anne Hutchinson" and "Salem Witch" Trials. Read “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” Reviewed figurative language. Assigned Rhetorical Square analysis and identification of Similes, Metaphors, and Personifications for "Sinners."

21 - Picture Day. Graded and discussed Sample Essay #3

20 - Went over syllabus. Graded and discussed Sample Essay #2

19 - Did the Comma Splices assignment. Due at the end of class.

16 - Presented Grading Standards for essays focusing particularly on the the classification of First, Second, and Third degree errors. Looked at the rubric we will use for essays and the definitions for terms on the rubric. The class assessed Essay #1 and gave it a grade out of 100 points. We tabulated the class grades, then discussed the paper's strengths and weaknesses, and used the rubric to give it scores in the 4 categories.

15 - Presented advertisements to the class. Read "Dumpster Diving" and wrote a rhetorical square analysis of it. Took a quiz over DD, and corrected it in class.

14 - Cultural Pursuit icebreaker. Introduced the concept of the Rhetorical Square and took notes on a handout. Using ads cut from magazines, worked with partners to analyze the ad using the Rhetorical Square.

Aug. 13 - (½ hr.) Introduced myself.