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To Kill A Mockingbird

In the middle of the Great Depression, in a sleepy town in Maycomb, Alabama
a terrible injustice occurs. A girl confronts evil as her father tries to defend an 
innocent black man accused of a heinous crime. 

As we read the novel, highlight these themes for quizzes/tests:

Education comes from many sources
Prejudice comes in many forms
There's no peace without empathy
It takes real courage to defeat evil

Following is the reading schedule. Although we will read in class, you'll need to read 
MOST on your own:

Chapters 1-3 read by November 12
Chapters 4-6 read by November 13
Chapters 7-9 read by November 14
Chapters 10-12 ready by November 15
                                                                                       Chapters 13-15 read by November 18
                                                                                 Chapters 16-21 we'll read in class November 19-22
                                                                                       Chapters 22-24 by November 25
                                                                                       Chapters 25-27 by November 26
                                                                                       Chapters 28-31 by December 2