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English 9 homework blog

12/10: We started Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck today in class. We are reading a chapter a day. Each chapter study guide is                         meant to prepare you for the final test next Wednesday

12/2: Today we debriefed the Literary Inquiry Project for TKAM; we set up groups and you were randomly assigned a prompt
  • Also, we took a quiz on chapters 23-24 in TKAM
  • Read chapters 27-28 in TKAM by tomorrow

December 2019

11/26: We read the trial scene in TKAM from November 22nd to the 26th. Read Chapters 22-26 by Monday (12/2)

11/19: We've been covering how the FRE should look as you begin you've been putting it together
  • So far, you should have an outline finished by tonight with a rough draft typed in class tomorrow
  • On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, we'll be peer editing and working on our drafts
  • The final draft will be due this Friday on by 10pm  
    • We are continually reading TKAM in class and at home; be ready for quizzes and discussions

11/14: Today we debriefed thesis statements, and the Freshmen Research Essay (based on the FRP)
  • We haven't been keeping up with "To Kill a Mockingbird" even though we've been reading in class
  • So, the reading schedule is now chapters 3-5 due before tomorrow
    • 6-8 due before Monday (11/18)
    • 9-11 due before Tuesday (11/19)
    • 12-14 due before Wednesday (11/20)
    • 15-16 due before Thursday (11/21)

11/12: The FRP is due tomorrow. You were given the rubric today to turn in with the FRP. Email me if you have questions.    
  • Also, today we started "To Kill a Mockingbird". The reading schedule is on our Mockingbird website. 

11/6: We finished reading "The Veldt" in class; also, we covered how to write nonfiction evaluation paragraphs
  • Your next two sources for your FRP are due tomorrow    

11/5: Today we read "The Veldt" by Ray Bradbury.  We began answering questions in class.
  • Also, we worked on how to create MLA citations for your FRP sources on technology
  • Two of your FRP summaries were due in class today

11/4: Today we covered how to write nonfiction summaries for our FRP. 
  • Also, as discussed in class, get To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee by this Thursday (11/7)    

November 2019

10/30: Today we discussed the FRP (Freshmen Research Project) including the requirements and due dates (click on the acronym FRP             to read the details)

  • We are continuing presenting on our nonfiction articles in groups. Up next today, The Rise of the Useless Class    

10/24: TED talk #2 for our series is "When Online Shaming Goes Too Far" by Jon Ronson

10/23: We watched our first TED talk in a series about technology ("Life in the Digital Now" by Abha Dawesar
  • Also, we've been working on our nonfiction articles in groups and started presenting them    

10/22:  As we continue reading our nonfiction articles on technology in groups, you'll be asked to present them to class
  • Click here for instructions on how to present your article to the class
  • We will present in order of articles listed in our technology packet ("The Pointlessness of Unplugging" will go first, etc.)

10/18: Today we started our nonfiction unit. You'll be analyzing and evaluating nonfiction texts for rhetorical elements and devices
  •     We'll start by splitting up into groups with each group focusing on a specific article and presenting it

10/15: We have been wrapping up Homer's Odyssey; there will be a test on Thursday (10/17). Make sure you finish taking notes on the                 Heroes Journey and finishing annotating part II of the epic poem.

10/10: Tomorrow we will take a short story test (ESA) on all the elements of fiction and literary devices learned so far.

10/3: We are continuing ROR presentations in class
  • Also, in the Odyssey we have read up to the Cyclopes scene    

10/1: We started our ROR presentations in class today (remember and be prepared on the day you present)
  • Check our quizlet page for new vocabulary you need to be aware of - study the terms
  • Also, the last ROR log - log 4 - is due tomorrow
  • We're continuing Homer's Odyssey in class

October 2019

9/30: We  have begun discussing the Heroe's Journey and how it pertains to our next unit: The Odyssey
  • Also, last week we covered different options for the ROR project; remember the day you present and be ready    

9/23: Today we covered the ROR project (ESA) and what it entails for you as you wrap up your book.
  • Visit our ROR page (close to the homework blog) to cover directions and visit me if you didn't sign up for a presentation day.    

9/20: This week we've been reading the short story "The Necklace" by Guy de Mauppassant. 
  • We just wrapped up discussion on the short story yesterday (and a little of today)
  • Tomorrow, we'll be filling out a "Organizer for Argumentative Writing" handout to go with it

9/13: We finished reading and discussing "The Cask of Amontillado" last week; we turned in our discussion sheet
  • We also took a quiz on "Cask"
  • We read our ROR books; also, the ROR log 2 is due on Monday, September 16th.

9/9: We're continuing to read our ROR novels in class. 
  • We've been reading our next short story "The Cask of Amontillado" in class. Finish filling out the discussion guide.

9/6: Today we spent some time reading our ROR books; bring them to class everyday
  • We started working on our ROR log 1, but didn't finish it so it is due Monday (on google classroom)
  • Although we started reading each other's unreliable narrator drafts, we didn't get to finish, so we'll do it in class on Monday

9/5: Remember to have your ROR book ready for tomorrow and the rest of September; bring it to class everyday.
  • Today we took notes on the unreliable narrator; after notes you were given a journal assignment due tomorrow.

9/3: Today we discussed the ROR project. Have a novel picked out for this Friday (9/6).
  • Also, today we began our graded discussion of The Lady or the Tiger.
  • Check our quizlet page for new vocabulary words added.

September 2019

8/28: Today we went over how to turn in the Most Dangerous Game paragraph on
  • Our class ID for is 22164726. The enrollment key is costea5
  • We peer edited our rough drafts yesterday and the final draft of the paragraph is due by 10pm tonight
  • We also began reading The Lady or the Tiger as our next short story. Finish it and the discussion sheet by Tuesday

8/27: We looked at specific examples of MDG paragraphs and began typing our rough drafts today.
  •     Check the new set of vocabulary words on our quizlet page

8/26: Today we discussed the "MDG" paragraph ESA. The paragraph outline is due tomorrow (8/28)
  •     We also went over how to correctly integrate quotes into your writing

8/23: Today we discussed the short story "The Most Dangerous Game" and turned in our discussion guides. No homework.

8/22: Today we did our last daily opener for week 1 and turned them all in. 
  •     The password for our google classroom 
  •     We began our graded discussions on our first short story (MDG)

8/21: Today we discussed the vocabulary words and went over them in class from our quizlet page. Also:
  • We discussed what annotating and highlighting will look like in class
  • We started our first short story: "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell; finish reading it at home

8/20: Today we continued to take notes on the Elements of Fiction in class
  • Also, we discussed the short story vocabulary list on quizlet. Study them. 

8/16: We worked on the 1 topic = 18 topics writing ideas; the writing assignment comes out this Friday.
        Directions are linked below if you need them. 

8/14: Freshmen, have your parents read the syllabus covered in class and sign it for points due Thursday (1/5).
       The attachment is on top of the homework blog box.

August 2019

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