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English 9 homework blog

12/17: We finished Of Mice and Men today. For the rest of this week, this is the course of action:
  •     On Tuesday, we will have a short essay on Of Mice and Men; use notes, journals, the book (ESA)
  •     On Wednesday, we will have a multiple choice test (ESA)
  •     On Friday, we will have an in-class essay using the format we used for the FRE (ESA)

12/13: We have read chapters 1-3 in Of Mice and Men; currently you're in charge of filling out the study guides 
            The study guides are meant to prep you for the final test. Annotation Journals are due for chapters 1-3.

12/11: We began Of Mice and Men today; remember we'll read a chapter a day. You are required to highlight & annotate the book.
  • We read chapter 1 today; study guide for chapter 1 is due tomorrow
  • Annotation Journals will be due for chapters 1-3

12/6: We reviewed the TKAM quiz on chapters 22-24; also, we worked on the Literary Inquiry Project for TKAM in class.
          Keep in mind, we've been working on this project for the third day; every group needs to present tomorrow!
  •     Finish reading TKAM!
  •     Don't forget to bring "Of Mice and Men" tomorrow and all next week.

12/4: In TKAM, read chapters 22-24 (if you're past those pages, continue reading); We need to be done with the book by Friday
  •     We continued working on the Literary Inquiry Project; you may work on it at home, though you're getting class time as well

12/3: Today we debriefed the TKAM Literary Inquiry Project we'll be working on in groups. You'll have throughout the week to work on it but we begin presentations this Thursday and Friday.
  • Continue reading the remaining chapters of TKAM (needs to be finished by Friday) and expect another quiz this week.
  • Bring our last class novel "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck this Friday and all next week.

December 2018

11/29: The window to turn in the Freshmen Research Essay begins today and ends tomorrow night at 9pm (
  •            We're wrapping up the Trial chapters in TKAM; remember to have annotation journals done for chapters 17-21

11/26: Today you came in with Rough Drafts of the essay; some of you were able to peer edit, some of you not
  •     At home, continue writing your rough draft; the window will open on for Thursday through Friday this week
  •     Tomorrow, we'll be looking at sample essays and grading them
  •     We're continuing the trial in TKAM

11/20: We worked on our FRE outline's; some of you were done, some need more time
  •     Over break, finish your outline if you haven't, then begin writing the rough draft
  •     In TKAM, we began reading the trial which will count for participation points

11/19:  We debriefed the Freshmen Research Essay (an ESA) based on the research you did last week
  •     You started working on the outline for your essay; the outline is due tomorrow, but if you need more time you may have it
  •     I checked on your annotation journals for TKAM up to chapters 15

11/16: You turned in your FRP today; also, we finished watching the documentary "Super Technology in Everyday Life"
  •     We worked on annotations for TKAM and I asked you to create annotation journals for chapters 1-15 due Monday

11/14: We covered MLA documentation today and went over how to write a Work Cited page. For today, work on the FRP itself. In                       TKAM, you should be in chapters 10-12.
  •     We also covered the FRP rubric in class.
  •     The order in which it needs to be turned in is: 
    • 1st rubric on top
    • 2nd work cited page
    • 3rd annotated bibliographies stapled to the sources

11/13: Today we reviewed how to write Evaluation paragraphs for your FRP. I would suggest writing them for your 1st 2 sources.
  •     We also graded the TKAM quiz (ch.4-6) in class for review and a good understanding in effort and feedback
  •     The FRP is due THIS Friday; if you cannot be here on Friday, you must turn it in on Thursday, the day before

11/9: Today I showed you what an FRP Annotated Bibliography looks like; you needed to bring your 2 summaries today as well
  •     For Tuesday, bring in your last FRP source on Technology; if you feel comfortable working on your evaluations, do so
  •     We took a quiz on TKAM chapters 4-6; chapters 7-9 are due by Tuesday

11/7: Today I checked off that you had 2 nonfiction articles about a subject in technology we've been discussing
  •     Although you had some class time to read them, you need to annotate them thoroughly according to our nonfiction method 
  •     As we read TKAM, follow these annotation guidelines for those who borrowed a copy and those who own their own

11/5: Today we discussed and took notes on the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee. Be aware of the reading schedule on our               TKAM website. Keep up with the reading as we'll be able to read only a little in class everyday.

11/2: As we've been presenting our articles on Technology (that are annotated), we have also been watching TEDtalks and taking                   notes on those as well. Here is the list of talks we've watched to so far:
    Remember to have "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee on Monday, November 5th.

    Lastly, we read Ray Bradbury's The Veldt; there are questions attached to the end of the story due Monday.

November 2018

10/29: After you and your group finish closely reading and annotating your nonfiction article, you will create a google presentation.
  •     Follow these instructions to help you start the presentation. The first article listed in your packet is the first to present Wed.

10/25: The Odyssey written response final draft is due on tomorrow by 3pm. We worked on it in class today.
  • Remember, if you need any help, visit our Del Oro Writing Lab in room 102 during 2nd lunch.

10/24: We worked on the Odyssey written response outlines in class today. If you didn't get it done in class today, it's due tomorrow
  •    For those of you who are providing your own copy of To Kill a Mockingbird; you need it by November 5th
  •    You will need Of Mice and Men by December 10th

10/23: We finished The Odyssey today! We now begin our written response which we will work on in class this week. 
  •     You will randomly be assigned one of these prompts concerning the Odyssey 
  •     You will fill out an outline to help for planning
  •     The final draft will be uploaded to this Thursday OR Friday 

10/18: We are continuing ROR presentations and will wrap them up this week (if not, by Monday)
  • We started the second part of the Odyssey and will finish it soon and have a writing assignment next week

10/16: I am at a district meeting for 5th block so these instructions are for 5th only:
  • Take out your Odyssey Part II packets. With your partner, follow THESE instructions to read Odyssey Part II closely.
  • You will not turn the packet in, but you will fill in the Hero's Journey notes. 
  • We resume ROR presentations on Wednesday

10/12:  ROR log 4 (the last one) will be due Tuesday for those of you who weren't able to finish it in class today.        
  • We will continue our ROR presentations and starting Part II of The Odyssey on Tuesday.

10/11:  We are continuing to present our ROR projects to class. Also, we finished Part I of the Odyssey packet and turned it in.

10/8: We discussed the ROR project further and chose dates for when you all will present starting this Wednesday
  •    Remember the date that you chose to present on; you are responsible to present that day
  •    We continued watching The Odyssey in class today

10/4: Throughout the week we've been looking at different ROR projects and assessing them together
  •     Also, we've been reading The Odyssey; we just wrapped up the Cyclops scene; we are now reading Circe's Island
  •     As we read, we're filling in the Hero's Journey notes.

10/1: Today we debriefed the ROR project Essential Skill Assignment (ESA); we reviewed the options and what they entail
         We will start the sign up sheet tomorrow and begin presenting next Wednesday, October 10th
         In class, we are still reading The Odyssey.

October 2018

9/24: We started reading and discussing The Odyssey today in class. Don't read it at home; we'll do it in class.
  •     This Friday (9/28) we will have a short story test ESA ; I sent home a study guide. Please study it.
  •     Also, continue reading your ROR novel. Directions for the project will be debriefed next week. 

9/20: Today you received ROR log 2; although you started working on it in class, for most of you it is homework
  •     We also recently started the Heroes Journey and we will begin reading The Odyssey soon.

9/18: As we wrap up "The Cask of Amontillado" we worked on and finished the organizer for argumentative writing.
  •     If you were not able to finish the organizer for argumentative writing, please come see me during 2nd lunch anytime this week
  •     Today we also started discussing the Heroes Journey before we begin reading The Odyssey
  •     visit our quizlet page for new vocabulary

9/14: Today I passed out the ROR log 1 based on your Required Outside Reading novel. 
  •     We started filling out the log in class, but we didn't have enough time so it homework (due Monday)
  •     You can find ROR logs linked on our ROR page
  •     Also, today we started filling out the organizer for argumentative writing on "Cask of Amontillado" (NOT homework)
  •     We will work on the organizer for argumentative writing in class on Monday

9/11: We began reading The Cask of Amontillado in class today (here is the audio
  •     finish reading and annotating the story in class tonight. You don't need to fill out the discussion guide.
  •     check our quizlet site for our new vocabulary
  •     continue bringing your ROR novel to class

9/10: Remember, you need to have your ROR novel in class tomorrow, Tuesday (9/11).

9/7: We took notes on the Unreliable Narrator in fiction today. 
  •     For those of you who didn't finish the journal activity for unreliable narrators, it is due Monday (9/10).

9/6: We turned in daily openers for week 3 today. Also, we started taking notes on the unreliable narrator.

9/4: Today we debriefed on the Required Outside Reading project and what it means. You need your book by Tuesday next week.
         Also, today we had a graded discussion on The Lady or the Tiger short story. We turned in the short story.
         Lastly, we have a new set of vocabulary words on our quizlet page.

September 2018

8/31: The paragraph you wrote on MDG is due today on Today we read and annotated "The Lady or the Tiger".
          The discussion sheet for the short story is due Tuesday (9/4).

8/30: Finish making changes on your MDG paragraph based on the peer editing process. You must upload the paragraph to our 
           our "turnitin" class by 3pm on Friday (8/31)
  •     When you finish, upload the paragraph to ; remember, you created a username and password in class
  •     1st block Freshmen classroom ID: 18918682 / classroom key: costea1
  •     5th block Freshmen classroom ID: 18923945 / classroom key: costea5

8/29: We peer edited our MDG paragraphs according to the rubric we discussed in class yesterday.
            You do not need to bring in a hard copy; tomorrow I will show you how to upload to
            The final draft will be due this Friday by 3pm.

8/27: Today we discussed the "MDG" paragraph ESA. The paragraph outline is due tomorrow (8/28)
  •     There is a new set of vocabulary on our quizlet page. Go and check those. 

8/24: Today we discussed the short story "The Most Dangerous Game" and turned in our discussion guides. No homework.

8/23: Today we did our last daily opener for week 1 and turned them all in. 
  •     The password for our google classroom for block 1 is 37aw4l:   block 5 is y57edvb
  •     We began our graded discussions on our first short story (MDG)

8/21: Go to this link for our Short Story vocabulary list set (you may have to create an account). Study and become familiar with new 
          sets of vocabulary words as I announce them in class and on this blog. 
  •         Today we read "The Most Dangerous Game". Finish reading the story and annotating and highlighting according to notes.

8/20: Make adjustments to your Inner Strengths paragraphs based on what your peer advised during peer editing. 
        The final draft of your paragraph needs to be handwritten and stapled to your rough due Tuesday (8/21)

8/16: Write the rough draft of your "Inner Strengths" paragraphs by tomorrow (8/17)
        Directions are linked below if you need them. 

8/14: Freshmen, have your parents read the syllabus covered in class and sign it for points due Thursday (1/5).
       The attachment is on top of the homework blog box.

August 2018

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