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English 11 homework blog

5/24: We've been writing the in-class essay for the past two days; it is due at the end of the day today
    • Also, today I gave you instructions on the Thought-Era project to be presented on our final day
    • I suggest working on it over the three day weekend (5 will need to present on Tuesday)

5/21: On Tuesday, we took our final test (ESA) on a short story (Modernist)
    • Beginning this Wednesday (and through Friday) we'll be writing our last essay (ESA)
    • This is an in-class essay and all testing materials will be kept in class. 
    • On Friday, we'll discuss the final project for next week 

5/17: Friday's journal was reviewing literary devices for the final exam next Tuesday; study all the journals for the exam.

5/16: Thursday's journal was a vocabulary set to prepare for your final exam next Tuesday.
    • We also started the movie Dead Poets Society as accompaniment to "Catcher in the Rye" and the final

5/15: Wednesday's journal was connotation, denotation, and explication ; we also took a quiz on "Catcher" chapters 9-11.

5/14: Our journal for today was aphorims, allusions, and allegories. Also, today we read Soldier's Home by Hemingway.

5/13: Today's journal was on juxtaposition; also, we had a verbal quiz on Catcher in the Rye chapters 1-9.

5/10: Today's journal was on oxymorons and paradoxes. Also, we are reading "Catcher" and you should be to the end of chapter 6

5/9: As we get closer to our final test, in-class essay, and project for the final two weeks of class, I'll be preparing you for them by              creating your own study guide with our Final English Journal. You are meant to study these journals in preparation for the last ESA's     of the year.
    • Today's journal was on satire    

5/8: Go to our Catcher in the Rye class page for our reading schedule to read at home (or wherever you read)
          Remember to have chapters read by the date. Reading quizzes will randomly be assigned.
    • We started our new thought-era today: Modernism 

5/2: Today we finished reading "A Raisin in The Sun" in class; we discussed it and looked at specifics (movie version)
         Tomorrow is the ESA test on "Raisin". You may use your book and the documentary questions on the test
    • Have "Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger in class by Wednesday 

May 2019

4/30: We have begun reading "A Raisin in the Sun"; currently, we are in Act II scene II. 
    • As we read, you are responsible for annotating the symbols, characters, themes, and ideas the play produces
    • We are also watching the documentary "I Am Not Your Negro" to better understand the play   

4/23: To better prepare for the final and our last few American literary thought-eras, go to our quizlet class page
    • Study all of the notes for each thought-era so far; you'll be responsible for it at the end
    • Remember to bring in A Raisin in the Sun for the next two/three weeks    

4/10: We started our new thought-era today: Realism
    • We read "Chickamauga" by Ambrose Bierce and "To Build a Fire" by Jack London
    • You'll be quized on "To Build a Fire" and a poem titled "The Cremation of Sam McGee" after Spring Break    

4/9: We peer edited again today using the Peermark feature on
    • Continue editing your draft and coming to me with questions
    • I will open up the final window for the JRP this evening and it will be open until Friday night
    • We read Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven"; there is a Faux Poe assignment with it that will be due Thursday

4/8: You brought in the rough draft of your JRP today and you peer edited the draft with the rubric with the intent of looking 
           at what is well done and what needs improvement; you do get an ESA grade for peer editing
    • I will open up the window on tomorrow so that you may turn your final draft in
    • The window will close this Friday, April 12, at 11:59pm 
    •  Remember to get "A Raisin in the Sun" by Lorraine Hansberry for this Thursday  

4/3: Today we discussed Emily Dickinson; even though we're working on our JRP, there is a Dickinson Project
         we're working on but you do get to do it with partners, and it isn't due until Thursday
    • We're continuing to work on outlining the JRP in class; rough draft due Monday    

4/1: Today you turned in the sources of your JRP that needed to be highlighted and annotated
         You were given a rubric and you self-assessed your research, then turned it in
    • Also, please get the play "A Raisin in the Sun" by Lorraine Hansberry by next Thursday (4/11)

April 2019

3/27: We discussed the JRP and chose topics today; if you didn't choose one yet, you have time but make it happen soon

3/26: Today we started the JRP (junior research paper); we at least discussed it and did some research 
            (click on the letters to get to the explanations, instructions, and due dates)
    • We also started a handout on Understanding the Media; if you didn't finish it in class, finish it at home    

3/22: As you've been SBAC testing, we read Henry David Thoreau's Walden; we turned in the annotated text
    • Now that we're studying Transcendentalism, we watched the documentary "Minimalism" and discussed it         

3/11: As we continue studying ethos, logos, and pathos we're going to participate in CLASS DEBATES
    • You'll have the chance to work in class; I would recommend working on it at home as well
    • This is NOT an ESA; we will begin presenting this Thursday    

3/8: The final draft of your Gatsby essay is due tonight by 11:59 on; remember to get it in
    • We also started studying the new American Thought-Era: Romanticism
    • Finish reading Ralph Waldo Emerson's "Self-Reliance"; answer the questions on the back sheet of paper

3/6: We visited the counselors today, so we didn't have time to work on the Gatsby ESA. Work on it at home.
         A rough draft is due in class tomorrow for peer editing.

3/5: We finished The Great Gatsby film today; I gave you the prompts for the Gatsby ESA for this week
    • Click here for the prompts; remember, you can't just pick one, you will randomly be assigned one
    • We'll work on it this week, but the final draft will be due between this Thursday and Friday    

3/1: Finish reading Great Gatsby by Monday (chapters 7-9; remember to annotate for the themes)
    •     We watched the movie on Friday and we'll continue it on Monday; however, there will be a quiz on Monday

March 2019

2/28: Read chapter 6 of Great Gatsby by Friday.

2/26: Finish reading chapter 5 of Great Gatsby by Thursday.

2/22: Poetry analysis for the poem "The System" by A.D. Winans is due Monday (2/25). 
    • Also, have chapter 4 of Great Gatsby read by Monday    

2/21: Finish reading Great Gatsby chapter 3 tonight. 

2/19: As we begin The Great Gatsby (finish reading chapter 1 tonight), we are also working on Economic concepts and 
            and activities and how they relate to the novel itself. Chapter 2 needs to be read by Wednesday night.

2/12: We have started the Practice SBAC today. It is comprised of reading Literary and Nonfiction texts and answering questions as 
            well as a Performace Task essay. Take it seriously; it is an ESA.
    • We will continue the Practice SBAC throughout the week until everyone finishes
    • Remember, this is a District Assessment that will prepare you for the actual SBAC in March
    • We will continue reading The Great Gatsby as we move into the end of the week and next week

2/6:  Today we wrapped up our discussion on the documentary "Inequality for All". We also started discussing basic 
          Economic principles in preparation of The Great Gatsby
    •     Remember, we have an ESA test this Friday; the English Journals we're doing in class is preparing you for it (study them)
    •     Also, we'll be starting The Great Gatsby tomorrow, so bring it to class everyday

2/4: Continue writing your "Virtue Journals" based on Ben Franklin's Arriving at Moral Perfection slide (from 1/28). 
         The last one is due tomorrow on classroom.
    •     We are continuing "Inequality for All" and we'll have a graded discussion on it tomorrow. 

February 2019

1/28: Today we worked on the Amendments project. You will have the opportunity to work on it tomorrow too, but it's due Wed.

1/25: We covered the Amendments/Bill of Rights project in class today. You will have time next week, but it's due Wednesday
    •     Poetry analysis for the poem "It's the Law: a rap poem" is due Monday (1/28)

1/24: We began our next American thought-era of "Rationalism" (or The Age of Reason)
    •     We read The Declaration of Independence (we annotated and highlighted it)
    •     Also, we continued practicing rhetorical devices such as ethos, logos, and pathos

1/18: We worked on the "City on a Hill" expository essay in class today. If you didn't finish it in class, it is due tonight on
    •     The Class ID for 2nd block: 20167740 / the enrollment key: juniorpower
    •     The class ID for 5th block: 20167946 / key: juniorpower

1/16: Today you took home "Letters from an American Farmer" by St. Jean De Crevecoeur. Read and annotate it tonight.
         You will have a quiz on it tomorrow. Email me if you have any questions. 

1/14: Poetry analysis for the poem "The New Colossus" is due tomorrow. Don't forget to fill out the analysis page.
    •            We also discussed the interview section of your research in response to the "City on a Hill" prompt. 
    •             The questions and interview need to be complete by this Thursday (1/17)

1/11: On Friday, we shared our research for "City on a Hill" and debriefed the "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" questions.
         For Monday, be prepared to turn in your first annotated piece of research for "City on a Hill".

1/10: After having read the "City on a Hill" sermon, research one source to help you agree or disagree that we are the "city on a hill" 
           the Colonialists/Puritans believed we should be. Bring it in on Friday.

1/9: We finished discussing themes and ideas relevant to our class today; also, we took notes on Colonialism/Puritanism and the                       beginnings of American LitWe also read John Winthrop's sermon of "A City on a Hill" which needed to be read and annotated.

1/8: Juniors! Today we covered the class syllabus. Have your parents read the class syllabus and have your parents also fill out the                    electronic form for points. Due Thursday. 

January 2019

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