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Creative Writing

5/14: For the rest of this week (14-18), we'll be working on our Screenwriting project and play.
          You'll need to finish the Screenwriting Idea Engine and show it to me for points. 
          We'll have presentations & scripts due on Tuesday, May 22nd and Wednesday, May 23rd. 

5/8: Journal number two for week 14 is your discussion with earth.
        As we start reading plays and scripts, we're going to practice one with partners; Welcome to the funhouse!

5/7: The journal entry (13) from last Friday was favorite movie scene. Today's journal is how to pitch a movie
        Today we're starting our last unit of study: screenwriting.

5/1: Today we discussed "The Ode" and looked at examples. Your final 5 poems (with rough draft peer edits)
        for your Chapbook are due tomorrow in class. 

May 2018

4/26: Journal number four for week 12 is "smell ya later".  We discussed the Limerick today.
           Your "Poetry Chapbook" or collection will be due Wednesday (5/2).

4/25: Journal number three for week 12 is "shape-shifting". We also peer edited our Tanka poems today.
           We began looking at Cut-ups, Blackouts, and Ransom notes from "In the Palm of your Hand".
           Choose one of those types of "visual" poems to create in class today.

4/24: Journal number two for week 12 is "soundtrack of your life". We peer edited our Villanelles today.
           Also, today we discussed and looked at examples of the "Tanka"; we started to write our own.

4/23: Journal number one for week 12 is "banes and boons". 
          Also, today we continued our discussion on the "Villanelle" and started writing our own. Rough draft ready for tomorrow. 

4/19: Journal number two for week 11 is on writing a Eulogy. 

4/18: Journal number one for week 11 is going to extremes. Also, after discussing different kinds of Sonnets,
          The rough draft of your first Sonnet is due this Friday for peer editing. 

4/16: Today we started looking at what makes some poetry "awful" from our book "In the Palm of your Hand".
          We'll be writing a variety of poems until the end of the month and creating a small chapbook of 5 of your favorite to turn in.
          The first we'll be looking at is the Sonnet.

4/10: Journal number two for week 10 is 20 to 4 poem. We continued practicing and giving feedback on poems.
          The final draft of your poem will be due this Thursday in class. You must have it practiced. 
          Also, tomorrow (4/11) we will have a guest author/editor tell us about the life of an author. 

4/9: Journal number one for week 10 is celebrity life. We started practicing our spoken word poems in front of partners.

4/6: Journal number four of week 9 is lozenge of light
        The rough draft of your spoken word poem is due Monday. 

4/5: Journal number three of week 9 is literary devices practice. We also started watching "Louder than a Bomb" 

4/4: Journal number two for week 9 is "To write humor". Today we worked on the spoken word assignment. 
         A Rough draft of your spoken word poem is due Monday (4/9).

4/3: Today we started our Poetry Unit; specifically, we started reading & listening to spoken word poetry (Shane Koyczan, Taylor Mali)
         Journal number one for week 9 is what makes a poem...a poem? 

April 2018

3/18: Today we worked on our Creative Nonfiction piece in class. We wrote with the "door closed".
          A first or rough draft is due this Wednesday for peer editing.
          We will have graded Writing Workshop discussions tomorrow.

3/15: Journal number three for week 8 is describe your city. 
         To further look at creative nonfiction pieces go to and peruse.
         Then, begin the immersion process. The Idea Engine is due this Friday.

3/12: Journal number two for week 8 is three changes in your life.
          The Creative Nonfiction Idea Engine is due this Friday. Fill it out even if you change ideas later. 

3/11: Journal number one for week 8 is every person you know. 
         Also, today we continued the Creative Nonfiction unit. We continued to reading examples.
         Start thinking of the first topic you will immerse yourself in for your first major assignment.

3/7: Journal number three for week 7 is letter from yourself
        Remember the Creative Heritage piece is due this Thursday (3/8). 

3/6: Journal number two for week 7 is live tweet
        As we begin the Creative Nonfiction unit, we'll read essays first and discuss the toolboxes of the craft.
        The first essays we'll read is Two on Two and I Survived the Blizzard of '79.

3/5: Journal number one for week 7 is significant moments. We are going to begin our Creative Nonfiction unit this week.
        Remember to work on the Creative Heritage Piece. It is due this Thursday (3/8).

3/2: Today we peer edited and wrote with the "door open". This weekend revise and polish. 
         You may turn Short Story 2 in on google classroom or turn in a hard copy on Monday (3/5).

3/1: Journal number two for week 6 is tell a tall tale. A rough draft of short story 2 will be due Friday (3/2)

March 2018

2/28: Today we worked on writing Short Story 2 and made room for Writing Workshop discussions.
          Short Story 2 rough draft is due this Friday (3/2).

2/26: Journal number one for week 6 is the masterpiece sentence
          Short Story synopsis 2 is due today.

2/23: So, as we begin writing Short Story 2, remember that the Short Story synopsis is due by Monday 2/26).

2/14: Journal number three for week 5 is abandoned park.  Short Story 1 is due tomorrow. 

2/13: Journal number two for week 5 is the dark culinary blog. We had a graded discussion on "On Writing".

2/12: Journal number one for week 5 is  taking the perfect shot. Also, today we read and peer edited Short Story 1.

2/5: For the week of February 5th through the 9th we are writing our first short story assignment with the "door closed".
        Also, we're continuing to read "On Writing" in class and at home. Here's the reading schedule.
        The first draft of Short Story 1 is due Tuesday (2/13)

2/2: Journal number five for week 4 (last one) is 2.12.2018
        We also read from On Writing. Keep up with the reading schedule and be ready for quizzes & discussions.
        I checked on your short story synopsis for progress. 

2/1: Journal number four for week 4 is Stephen King's top 10 rules for success
        Today we also started reading On Writing by Stephen King; it is our class textbook.
        We also worked on our short story synopsis.

February 2018

1/31:  Journal number three for week 4 is rant. 
          In class, we read The Haunting: How to Conquer the Shame of being a Writer by Chuck Palahniuk.
          We discussed the ideas behind coming up with stories, and shared some.
          Today we also started our unit on The Short Story. The short story synopsis will be due Friday.

1/30:  Journal number two for week 4 is magnify the moment
           Also, we'll be starting Stephen King's "On Writing". Have the book by this Thursday (Feb. 1).

1/29:  Journal number one for week 4 is time. Also, we read and discussed "toolboxes" with The Chrysanthemums.

1/26:  The last Journal for week 3 is emergency broadcast. I collected week 2 & 3. 

1/25:  Journal number four for week 3 is the perspective of water
           Today we also discussed the different "toolboxes" that writers do well. For that look at this
           For the next few days, we'll reading different short stories and identifying what they do well AND how they do it.

1/24:  Journal number three for week 3 is school lunches
           Along with this Journal we read a chapter from Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird.
           Also, we peer edited the Dialogue assignment rough draft. Final draft will be due this Friday.

1/23:  Journal number two for week 3 is cavepeople
            Otherwise, we worked on our dialogue assignments. Rough drafts due Wednesday.

1/22:  On Friday of last week we began working on how to incorporate dialogue in writing.
            Ultimately, a dialogue assignment will be used from the film Rear Window
            In class, we will read "Talk It Out: How to Punctuate Dialogue in Your Prose
            The rough draft of the Rear Window dialogue piece will be due Wednesday.
            Journal number one for week 3 is setting.

1/18: We didn't have a third Journal entry for today per your request to work on sketches.
          We did start watching Rear Window for an upcoming assignment. We'll finish it Friday.

1/17:  Our second Journal for week 2 is favorite characters of all time    
          Today we peer edited our Character sketch 2
          You have until Friday (1/19)  to write up a final draft.

1/16: We started Journal week 2 with suburban epics
           Also, we continued working on Character sketch 2 from last Friday.

1/11: We wrote our last Journal for week 1 (we have a total of 7 because #4 took 3 days). 
           Also, we started work on Character Sketch #2 and began working on our template
           Templates need to be done by Tuesday, January 16th.

1/9: Today we wrote in our Journal (entry 4), and continued working on the Writer's Roundtable #1
        The Writer's Roundtable rough draft needs to be done by tomorrow. 

1/8: Today we worked in our Journal entry 3. Also, we discussed Natalie Goldberg's essay "Writing as a Practice"
        Also, we worked on Writer's Roundtable #1 but didn't finish. 

1/5: We turned in our character sketches today. A rough draft (with peer edit marks) and a final draft.
       We wrote our Journal week 1 entry 2. Also, we started working on our Writer's Roundtable.

1/4: Today we started our Week 1 Journals with this entry (we'll count journals by week). Then we worked on our character sketch's 
        about our classmates, and discussed peer editing.

1/3: Hello and welcome to Creative Writing! We started on character sketch's of each other in class today. 
       For Wednesday (1/3), you have to have a rough draft of the sketch done. Length is up to you. 
       Also, syllabus verification needs to be signed by parents here. 

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