Computer Programming


Instructor: Thomas Stargaard


Course Description

This course is designed to give students a realistic introduction to computer programming.  Students will be able to design, write, and debug a high level program using the Python programming language. Good code practices such as commenting, indentation and meaningful variable names are also stressed. Computer hardware and history will also be discussed.

Note on online structure: While online through both synchronous and asynchronous lessons, we will cover exactly the same information as in our traditional classroom. The only difference being that we will utilize online compilers instead of compilers on our classroom computers to run our programs.

Dual Credit: While enrolled in programming at Del Oro, you will also have the opportunity to enroll in CSC10 (Computer Science 10: Introduction to Programming logic) at CSU Sacramento. At the completion you will have earned 3 college units through Sac State. A transcript of your units is available directly through CSU Sacramento. You are NOT enrolled in the Sac State part of the class automatically. You will have to fill out the application (both paper and online) when enrollment starts.
The fee for the class is paid by our district, so it is free for the student
You have to be a junior or senior with a >3.0 GPA to be able to enroll at CSU Sacramento
Course Outline
Inputting and outputting information

Data types (Boolean, integer, floating, string,..)

Comments and meaningful variable names

Condition statements (If.., nested if.., case,..)

Loops (For.., While.., nested loops)

Arrays (single dimentional)

Procedures, functions, and subroutines


Searching and Sorting (insert/heap, bubble)

External File input/output and database access


Course Outcome: By the completion of this course, the student will:

  1. Understand programming concepts as mentioned above.

  2. Be able to debug a program.

  3. Be able to turn a concept into a finished working program.

  4. Understand the logic of computer programming

Assessment:       60% - Programs

                             20% - Code Quizzes and Tests

                            20% - Written Final

                            The breakdown of the final course grade is as follows: 90-100%=A, 80-89%=B, 70-79%=C, 60-69%=D, <60% = F


                            Due to the unknowns of school during COVID, The grading structure may change PER INSTRUCTOR DISCRESSION. (For example,                              we may not be able to give a secure written final )


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