Mechatronics is the merger of mechanics and electronics. Most often this refers to computer-control of mechanical objects such as sensors or motors.

In this class we will use a microcontroller (computer on a chip) to interface with switches, LED’s, speakers, DC motors, stepper motors, relays, remote controls, and much, much more. In addition to physically wiring the circuits up, we will also write and download the programs interact with them.


Dual Credit: While enrolled in Mechatronics at Del Oro, you will also be enrolled in Mechatronics 8 at Sierra College. At the completion you will have earned 3 college units through Sierra College. Mech 8 transfers to CSU. You may obtain a college transcript with these transferable units directly from Sierra College.


Grading:   70 %: labs.          
  • Learning is by doing. We do over 50 labs in this class.         

  • Each lab is worth a certain amount of points, based on complexity.          

  • Your lab grade is your points earned divided by points available.                

  • As each lab requires a unique setup, labs can not be made up.                      

                   30%: quizzes . All quizzes are open notes (no photocopies).

Please bring a notebook, pencil to class every day.

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