Culinary and CTE

Come make things with us.

Studying Culinary and CTE (Career Technical Education)

Educational programs which feature fabrication of objects in wood, metal, or food using a variety of hand, power, or machine tools. 

Culinary & Industrial Arts Teacher Pages

Culinary l
If you like to cook or would like to learn how, this class is for you. Class begins with a review of the basics: equipment, safety, reading a recipe...and will quickly move on to making various foods. Foods cooked will include: cinnamon rolls, muffins, pretzels and scones to go with soups, salads, pies, pizza, and cookies. You'll learn how to put foods together like a chef to make a great looking and tasting dinner. 
You will also begin learning the skills needed to be part of the exciting world of the food service industry.

Woodworking l
An introductory study of the tools, machinery, materials and methods of woodworking. Nine specific projects are required Students are required to pass a written safety and practical safety test. Wood I cannot be repeated for credit.

Culinary ll
Do you dream of becoming a famous chef? This class will prepare you to enter the exciting field of food service and hospitality, one of the fastest growing industries in California today. You will be a 
part of the staff at The Golden Eagle Cafe, Del Oro's own "upscale" on-campus restaurant. You will actually take part in preparing the food and serving the guests. You will also learn the skills to become 
ServSafe certified, the food service industry standard of serving food safely. This class is the perfect way to gain "on the job" experience and develop skills that will open the door to an exciting career option 
for you.

(Women's) Woodworking l
Identical in every way to Wood shop I (see above for course description), this course is designed for female students who are interested in Woodworking but feel they would benefit from working with other 
females in an alternative to the traditional shop atmosphere. This course cannot be repeated for credit.

Tech Core

This is a required 9 week freshman technology class. The class switches with Frosh Tech. The course gives the student an introduction to technology/engineering related fields. Major projects include board drafting, computer 3D drafting, a technology speech, robotics, and building a catapult. Students will also research careers that reflect interests, pathways and post secondary options.

Culinary 3
Prerequisite: Culinary 2

This course is intended to be the completer course for the Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism pathway. Students will actually lead their culinary teams in running THEIR restaurant. Students will lead
all aspects of a luncheon or catering job, including: menu design,
costing, product lists, amounts, procurement, production schedule,
preparation lists, employee scheduling, and organizing, as well as leading their teams in recipe practices. They will implement all the
skills they learned in Culinary 2.

Woodworking ll
Students select, design and build projects in accordance with their abilities and interests. Experimentation is encouraged in design and technical skills used. Students are required to pass a written safety test. May be repeated for credit with a grade of “C” or better.