Mrs. Sylvester


 The greater the artist, the greater the doubt.                 Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a   consolation prize. - Robert Hughes 

2019-2020 Associated Activities

  • Yearbook Adviser

Where to buy a yearbook
Last day to order a yearbook is April 1, 2020

SENIOR PORTRAITS for the Yearbook 
MUST be taken by 
Prestige Portraits
in Citrus Heights by October 1, 2019
Slots are filling up quickly.  
Call 916-535-7797 if you are unable to schedule online.
There will be at least one opportunity to have your senior portrait on the DO Campus. Please contact Prestige or Mrs. Sylvester for more updated information.
Senior Statements - December 1. 2019

Senior Ads
  • Deadline - March 1, 2020
  • DOHS Order number 6176
  • You will build your ad on the above website and pay for it at that time.

Email questions and inquiries to:


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About Mrs. Sylvester

Mrs. Sylvester has a B.S. in Art from Pacific Union College. She has worked for many years as a fine and graphic artist. She paints in a variety of media including dry pastel, as well as oil and watercolor. She also works in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. She is now using these skills as the Yearbook Advisor.

Learning to draw, paint, and sculpt, as well as studying art history helps develop creativity, critical thinking, and spatial intelligence. All of these qualities are vital to a student's success in the 21st century.

Art 1 is a beginning drawing class, and can be a prerequisite for other courses taught in the DO Art Department.
Syllabus -

AP Art History is taught in the fall as a regular class at Del Oro,  as well as an online asynchronous class for any student attending a PUHSD school.  

Review sessions are available during Lunch in the spring (March and April) before the AP test in May of 2020.  You must be a sophomore to take this course. There is no prerequisite for this class, and it can be taken to fulfill the A-G Visual and Fine Arts requirement.

Syllabus -

Painting 1 and 2
Painting should be taken after an Art 1 class. In Painting, you will learn basic color theory, composition and the basic techniques for Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor and Dry Pastel painting. Painting 2 is an opportunity for an art student who has taken Painting 1 to further explore working with color and paint.
Syllabus -

Yearbook is a club as well as a class. Students enroll for either or both semesters of each school year. Students design, write and photograph all the content of the yearbook. While the number of students on the staff is small, they do an amazing job of compiling high school memories for Del Oro High School students.
Syllabus -

Grading Practices

In Painting 1 and 2 and Art 1, 75% of a students' grade is based on assignments. The other 25% is based on Classroom Participation. Since this is a project based class, staying engaged and current with assignments is an important aspect of acquiring the skills being taught in the above studio classes.

Students are given the appropriate rubric with each assignment posted on Classroom. Most assignments are worth 100 points. Students need to fill out the rubric to assess their own work. I will also fill out the rubric and post their grade on Classroom and Aeries.

Assignments are given a due date. However, late work is  accepted with no penalty until the Friday before Finals Week each term. Students may also re-do any assignment that they want to earn a better grade on. 

AP Art History grades are weighted, with Quizzes and Tests being worth 90% of the students' grade, and Assignments being worth 10%. A student is welcome to do make up essay questions to better their test scores, and there is no penalty for late assignments up until the last Friday before Finals Week Fall term.

Yearbook grades are weighted as well. 75% of the grade is based on class assignments. The bulk of the assignments are preparing yearbook spreads. Since these assignments are time sensitive and based on printing deadlines, assignments cannot be late, and will receive a penalty if not finished on time.

Fall Semester 2019

            Block 1 - Painting 1 and 2
            Block 2 - AP Art History
            Block 3 - Yearbook
            Block 5 - Prep

Spring Semester 2020

            Block 1 - Painting 1 & 2
            Block 2 - Art 1
            Block 3 - Prep
            Block 5 - Yearbook