Mr. Somers


About Mr. Somers

Mister Somers is one of the four individuals that make up the Del Oro Art Department. He is beginning his thirteenth year as a teacher here at Del Oro and is looking forward to meeting the students and seeing what they can accomplish with their creative abilities. Mister Somers teaches Art 1, Art 2, Art 3, Graphic Design, and Advanced Placement 2-D Studio Art. 

Mister Somers is a Del Oro High School alumni as he was a part of the graduating class of 1998. He then attended San Diego State University where he majored in Graphic Design and earned his bachelor's degree in 2003. After working in the graphic design industry for a couple of years, he then decided to go back to school and get his teaching credential which he accomplished in 2007. That summer he was hired by Del Oro as the new art teacher and he has been happily teaching ever since.

Fall Term 2019

    • Block 1 - Prep
    • Block 2 - Graphic Design
    • Block 3 - Art 2
    • Block 4 - Nest Leader
    • Block 5 - Art 1

Spring Term 2020

    • Block 1 - Prep
    • Block 2 - AP Studio Art / Art 3
    • Block 3 - Graphic Design
    • Block 4 - Enrichment
    • Block 5 - Art 1

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