Mr. Just


        2019/20 Associated Activities

    • Art Department Chair
    • J.V. Baseball Asst. Coach

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About Mr. Just

Mr. Just has been teaching art at D.O. since 1999. He is an Auburn native and attended Sierra College and Sacramento State University. While working on his Fine Art degree, he participated in Track and Field in the triple jump, discus and javelin and was a pitcher at both schools. He enjoys biking, baseball, kayaking, art and cooking. 

This year, Mr. Just will be teaching Ceramics I, II & III. His personal art interests include ceramics, watercolor, drawing and mixed media. 

Fall Term 2019

    • Block 1 - Ceramics I
    • Block 2 - Ceramics I,II,III
    • Block 3 - Ceramics I,II,III
    • Block 4 - NEST / Advisory
    • Block 5 - PREP

Spring Term 2020

    • Block 1 -  Ceramics I
    • Block 2 - Ceramics I,II,III
    • Block 3 - Ceramics I
    • Block 4 - Enrichment
    • Block 5 - PREP

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