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Del Oro Student Art Show

High Hand Art Gallery - 3750 Taylor Rd Suite #7, Loomis, CA 95650  - April 15 - May 27, 2019

Student Art Show Entry Information 2019

Students who were enrolled in an art class during either semester of this year are invited to enter the Del Oro Student Art Show. 
You may enter up to 3 pieces. They can be 2D or 3D. 

This is a juried show, which means that there will be two judges (Former art teachers at DO). 
They will decide which pieces get to be in the show. 
So only submit your best pieces. 

The deadline for entering your 3 pieces is March 22, 2019. 

Before you enter the DO Student Art Show, you will need to do the following. 
  • Choose the 3 pieces of your best artwork that you want to enter.
  • Photograph the artwork correctly. Consult one of the art teachers for help.
  • For 2D artwork, make sure that the image is straight, reads upright, is cropped so that only the artwork shows and the color is correct so that the photo looks as much like the art as possible.
  • For 3D artwork, Photograph your sculpture or ceramic piece against a dark or white background. (White or black fabric, white foamcore, etc.) Make sure that the piece is lighted well so that the form can be seen. The piece should be straight and fill the frame.
  • Use an online program to reduce the size of your photos. They must be no more than 1 MB is size. Google "reduce size of image".
  • Artwork that is poorly photographed will be rejected.
  • Name each of your images using your first initial and last name and the letter a, b or c for each of your pieces. 
  • Example: M.Smith A for your first piece, M.Smith B for your second, M.Smith C for your third piece.
  • Fill out this form.  Make sure you upload each image.
  • Once the judges have made their selection, you will be notified at the email you provide on the form.