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S.A.E. Projects

Supervised Agriculture Education (or S.A.E.) projects are hands-on, agriculture-oriented, student-driven projects that are an integral part of the agriscience classes, the state-wide agriculture education program and the entire FFA experience.  These projects give students experience in business record keeping, time management, marketing, practical application of specialized knowledge and development of employable skills.  
NEW***  The AET record book will now be the standard form of record book accepted at Del Oro, California Ag Education and the National FFA Organization

To access the required record book, see Mrs. Dvorak for your login info and go to

Grading the S.A.E. Project
Students keep track of their S.A.E. project work in their FFA record books, which is a portion of the 10% of their grade that is FFA Activity Participation.

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Types of S.A.E. Projects 
Students can choose to do one or more projects each year and they can fall under these general categories:

Agriscience Fair Projects: Students can study a certain area of scientific interest, perform experiments, gather data and enter their projects in local, regional, state and national competitions. Students can perform their projects on campus or at home,must be willing to work on their own over a time period and to document their study thoroughly.  Click on this link to view a list of possible agriscience experiment ideas

Entrepreneurship/Ownership Projects:  Students can have ownership over their own project, which presents the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur of their own business, to raise and sell livestock or other agriculture commodities, to create, build and sell projects using metal, wood or other materials, to work on community service projects or to improve local home/business landscaping. These projects can occur within a specific term or be ongoing and can be completed at home or on the school farm facility.
    *Check out these links to a few on-farm, ownership projects:  
Job Placement ProjectsWhile not a direct internship placement program, students can work in the agriculture industries, gain valuable skills and get paid (or not); working for someone else is what this type of SAE is about.   
Need ideas for a project?  Check out the following links...
List of possible S.A.E. projects by Career Areas (published by the National FFA Organization)
Alphabetical Quick Reference List of S.A.E. projects that include proficiency award and career areas linked to the name of possible projects (published by the National FFA Organization)

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