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FFA Record Books

The National FFA Organization requires each member to maintain a record book that enumerates their S.A.E. project work and documents their involvement in FFA leadership development activities.    
Grading the S.A.E. Project
Students keep track of their S.A.E. project work in their FFA record books, which is a portion of the 10% of their grade that is FFA Activity Participation.

This record book can be paperback or the iBook, which the preferred method for any official FFA member.

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What type of FFA Record Book do I use?
All students are required to do an S.A.E. Project in the term they take an agriscience class and will begin the process of learning to keep business-like records of their efforts on this hands-on learning experience.   We are currently using the National FFA Organization partner in this important aspect of career technical education, the Agriculture Experience Tracker (  Each student will be given a username and password during the second week of the term and will be expected to begin work on their project shortly thereafter.  

What is the purpose of the FFA Record Book?
The FFA record book helps prepare students for careers and entrepreneurship opportunities by practicing important business skills.  Students will gain experience creating a contract-like agreement, develop a budget to show both expenses and income, plan and carry out various tasks to complete an agriculture-oriented project that will earn you both hours of experience you can put on your resume as well as the potential to earn money for your future.
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