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Del Oro FFA Chapter Officers

Meet the Del Oro FFA Chapter Officer Team! 

Welcome FFA Members far and wide!  The Del Oro FFA Chapter was established in 1973 and we are excited to serve the chapter this year with a theme we hope encourages involvement and hard work:  "Sow Opportunities, Reap Success"
Chapter President Esther Jolly

Officer Bio: Hi All! I'm Esther, the Del Oro FFA Chapter President. I love cotton candy, my animals, hanging out with friends and family, and meeting new people. So, if you see me around be sure to say hi! 
         Our theme this year is "Sow Opportunities, Reap Success" and my experiences in FFA have mirrored this. The opportunities FFA offers are countless, from Vet Science teams, and speaking contests, to the ability to undertake any project on the farm. Now that I am finishing high school, the fruition of these opportunities has become more apparent. Animal Science classes and livestock SAE projects helped me decide what I wanted to study in college. Job Interview competitions have empowered me with confidence that I carry into each scholarship interview. Experience gained as President and Vice President of FFA has prepared me for leadership positions throughout life and the workforce. FFA holds many opportunities, it's up to you to pursue them. Happy Trails!
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Chapter Secretary Mason Bradburn
Officer Bio:  Hi my name is Mason Bradburn and I am the 2022-2023 Chapter Secretary for Del Oro FFA. My duties as a Secretary require me to keep accurate records of meetings, create agendas, and send out reminds for our FFA events. In the past three years, my SAE projects have included Market Hogs, Horticulture, and even Garden Boxes out on the Del Oro farm. My future goals in FFA are to serve in next years officer team, receive my State Degree, and my American FFA Degree. 
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Chapter Reporter Ryan Drinkwater
Officer Bio:  Hello everyone, My name is Ryan Drinkwater and I am this year's FFA reporter. I have been in FFA since I was a Freshman but have been around it my whole life. I grew up participating in 4-H and I am a big supporter of AG and AG education. I have raised show pigs for 7 years and I am currently raising pigs for the upcoming fairs this year. I highly encourage all FFA members to consider doing a livestock project for their SAE. The school farm is a great resource, you will learn so much through it and it will turn you into a better worker, leader, and FFA member.
    Contact Ryan at:
Chapter Vice President Emmie Gottlieb

Officer Bio:  Hi my name is Emmie Gottlieb and I am your 2022-2023 Del Oro FFA Vice President. As Vice President, my duties require me to oversee all Committees for upcoming events, support the president in meetings, and assist at all times in directing the work of our organization. I will receive my State FFA Degree in the upcoming year and hope to serve on next year's officer team. I have raised market hogs and sheep as past SAE projects. I have found it very rewarding to see my projects from beginning to market.
    Contact Emmie at:

Chapter Treasurer Austin Wuerthner
Officer Bio:  My name is Austin Wuerthner and I currently serve as the treasurer on our chapter's officer team for the 2022-23 school year. I'm a junior and the agriculture class I'm currently taking is Chemistry and Agriscience. My favorite thing about FFA is learning new leadership skills and continuing to develop myself as a leader. In the past I have raised poultry for my Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE), and this year I plan to breed crayfish. Outside of FFA I'm on the wrestling and lacrosse teams here at Del Oro. My future goals in FFA include earning my state degree and ensuring that our chapter is in a better place than it was when I first joined.
    Contact Austin at:

Chapter Sentinel Samuel Soren
Officer Bio:  Hello all, My name is Samuel Soren and I am your 2022-2023 Chapter Sentinel. I preside over the meeting room and keep it cozy for new and old members that we welcome in. A little bit of history about me is that I started raising animals for the fairs since I was in Kindergarten and ever since showing my pygmy goat name DJ in the costume contest, its sparked my want to raise animals ever since. This year will be my sixth year raising market hogs for the Gold Country Fair and fourth time at Placer County Fair. This year, if you don't know already, we have a theme that we are trying to grow as a group by. "Sow Opportunities, Reap Success". What this means to me is that we as a team will give you the spark needed to start your career through Agriculture to which we hope will bring you whatever you're looking to get out of it. If I could give a piece of advice, I'd say that giving thanks to the advisors and officers that are trying hard to make FFA and all Agriculture classes fun and entertaining is something that is unasked for but would be much appreciated. Remember that only you get to choose how much good you put into the world. "Hold the door, say please, say thank you. Don't steal, Don't cheat and Don't lie. You might have some mountains to climb, but always stay humble and kind." ~Tim McGraw
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