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Del Oro FFA Chapter Officers

Meet the Del Oro FFA Chapter Officer Team! 

        A Message From the Del Oro FFA Officer Team,
                 Welcome FFA Members far and wide! This is our very our webpage where you can find all the information you need about us. If you have a question for one of us please feel free to send us an email (found below) and we will more than likely reply to you either in person or via email before the school day's end. We are glad that you are here to join us in our chapter. 
Chapter President Mackenzie Leal
Officer Bio: Mackenzie has been with the Del Oro FFA Chapter since her freshman year at Del Oro. Mackenzie enjoys riding horses, going to horse shows/competitions, and being around friends and family. Mackenzie has been a 4H member since the age of 8 and has been showing livestock animals ever since. Mackenzie is currently a Senior. 
    Contact Mackenzie at: 

Chapter Secretary Madelyn Owens
Officer Bio: Madelyn joined the Del Oro FFA Chapter her freshman year at Del Oro. Madelyn enjoys going to horse shows and competing. Madelyn enjoys raising show cattle ranging from heifers to steers. Madelyn is currently a Senior. 
    Contact Madelyn at:

Chapter Reporter Maycee Leal 

Photo Coming Soon!

Officer Bio: 

    Contact Maycee at:

Chapter Sentinel Jake Whittle
Officer Bio: Jake joined the Del Oro FFA Discovery Program during his 8th grade year. He earned his Discovery Degree quickly and has made a name for himself in the Del Oro FFA Chapter as he has raised funds for victims of the Butte Fire that affected over 70,000 acres of land in California. Jake enjoys raising cattle for fairs and horseback riding. Jake is currently a Sophomore. 
    Contact Jake at:   
Chapter Vice President Carissa Boehle
Officer Bio: Carissa joined the Del Oro FFA Chapter as a freshman in the fall. She is the number one fan of the country music group Florida Georgia Line. She enjoys riding her horse Bentley, and having fun with friends. Carissa is currently a Senior.
    Contact Carissa at:   

Chapter Treasurer Jacey Gottlieb
Officer Bio: Jacey joined the Del Oro FFA her freshman year in Mrs. Dvorak's Ag Science class. Jacey enjoys performing arts, acting, and singing. Jacey enjoys raising market turkeys, goats, and sheep. Jacey is currently a Junior.
    Contact Jacey at:

Chapter Historian Shyan Childers
Officer Bio: Shyan is currently a Junior.

    Contact Shyan at: