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Career Development Events (C.D.E.) Contests in FFA

Career Development Events (otherwise known as CDE's) in the FFA are designed to help the student gain valuable life and leadership skills as well as specialized career skills and knowledge.  Each of the contest are offered at various venues throughout the fall and spring terms.  Some of the competitions that  Del Oro FFA members compete in are listed below.  Other CDE information can be found at the California Agricultural Teacher's Association website (
Open/Close Ceremonies Contest:  Curricular Code, Scorecard, Official Ceremonies Script, (Sectional Competition in November)
Job Interview:  Curricular Code, Job Descriptions, Cover Letter, Resume (Sectional Competitions in February)
Public Speaking:  Impromptu, Extemporaneous, and Prepared Public Speaking Competitions (Sectional Contest in February)
FFA Creed Contest:  A speech competition just for freshman greenhand FFA members!  Curricular Code, The Official FFA Creed (Sectional Contest in February)
Best Informed Greenhand (B.I.G.) Contest:  A knowledge test for freshman FFA members about the National FFA Organization.  Curricular Code (Sectional Competition in December and Field Day Competitions all spring)
Marketing  Cooperatives (Co-Op) Quiz:  A contest all about agricultural marketing cooperatives
Farm Records:  A contest all about the FFA record book