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Biology & Sustainable Agriculture (Dual Enrollment with Sierra College AGRI 0196)

Welcome to the second in a series of several agriculture science classes offered at Del Oro that is directly connected to the National FFA Organization. Please take the time to read and use the website, emailing any questions you might have to
Course Information:
Course Units of Study
Sustainable Agriculture is a one year concentrator course in the CTE Sustainable Agriculture Pathway designed to integrate biological science practices and knowledge into the practice of sustainable agriculture. The course is organized into four major sections, or units, each with a guiding question. This course meets the UC “d” laboratory science credit as well as Life Science credit for high school graduation.

Pre-Dual Enrollment Unit: FFA opportunities, SAE projects and the AET online Record Book

Unit 1 - What is Sustainable Agriculture?

Unit 2 - How does Sustainable Agriculture Fit into our Environment?

Unit 3 - What Molecular Biological Principles Guide Sustainable Agriculture?

Unit 4 - How do We Make Decisions to Maximize Sustainable Agricultural Practices Within a Functioning Ecosystem?