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Ag Leadership

Welcome to the leadership development course at Del Oro that is directly connected to the National FFA Organization. Please take the time to read and use the website, emailing any questions you might have to
Course Information:
Student Learning Outcomes:
  1. Recognize different types of personalities and emotional qualities of others as well as themselves and utilize this information to develop a sense of the leadership style needed to organize tasks.

  2. Discover effective leadership styles and practice developing a method that works best for their personality.

  3. Determine goals necessary to accomplish relevant tasks/projects and break down the steps needed to accomplish these goals.

  4. Track the timely progress of the work performed, evaluate the steps, materials and timeline and adjust the plan as the need arises.

  5. Reflect on the goals, tasks, steps, timeline and effectiveness of their overall plan to determine if the project was a success.

  6. Organize a large group project to be used by chapter members and, if applicable, delegate specific jobs to individuals in the chapter, track the progress of task completion, and conduct a group reflection on project.

  7. Cooperate and assist the officers, committee chairs and teacher with various tasks, projects, and activities both in the classroom and on the school farm.